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Marvel to Make Game-Changing Announcement on The View

On Friday, February 6th, Marvel makes another announcement on The View.

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The last time Marvel made an announcement on "The View," it was revealed that someone else would gain the power of Thor and it would be a woman. It was a pretty big announcement that led to a pretty big series from Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman. Now, Marvel has announced they will be making another announcement in a recent press release:

Marvel is excited to announce that on Friday, February 6th, at 11AM EST, as part of Marvel’s mega-event, SECRET WARS, it will be announcing its latest game-changing title live on the Emmy-Winning, daily talk show “The View”.

While that's all we really have to go on, there's also the title of said press release which is "MARVEL COMICS MAKES A FORCEFUL ANNOUNCEMENT ON “THE VIEW!" The key word to for this is "forceful." It's leading to a lot of speculation that in some way, the Star Wars universe may be involved in the upcoming SECRET WARS event. Maybe we're jumping the gun a little bit, since the Star Wars universe just joined up with Marvel, but it could be a cool addition to SECRET WARS.

What do you think the announcement will be?