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Marvel Teaser: "What If There Wasn't Only One?"

Could this be the return of Bucky Barnes to mainstream Marvel comics?

Marvel's latest teaser is pretty simple; a big red star in a black background begging the question, "What if there wasn't only one?" So, what could this mean? The first thing to come to the minds of fans is that the teaser could be hinting at the return of Bucky Barnes to Marvel Comics. For those who don't know, Barnes who had been the sidekick to Captain America eventually took over the Captain America mantle before his recent death. Could this be the return of Bucky? Could it be another Winter Soldier?

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There is another Marvel character who wore a red star; the Red Guardian. The most recent Red Guardian (Anton) was last seen in Jeph Loeb's Hulk series and had been a member of Winter Guard. Though he is believed to have been dead, it was revealed that he was at least partially a life model decoy and after being decapitated, it was shown that his head was being kept in storage and he might still be alive.

The possibilities are endless, but what do you think the teaser means?