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Marvel Teaser: Bendis and Immonen Going on Trial

We'll have to wait for NYCC to find out more.

Marvel has released a new teaser today. Full details will be released at New York Comic Con. Until then, we can start to speculate and guess what this could possibly be about.

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With Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen, the immediate thought is ALL-NEW X-MEN. The only text sent along with this image was "All-New Marvel NOW! starts here." That leads you to believe it's a new series rather than a continuation. Unless the plan is to re-launch with a new #1. Does the fiery background reveal anything? Are there any shapes forming in there? We'll have to wait just over two weeks for more info unless the plan is to release more teasers in regards to this.


Here's another teaser involving Brian Michael Bendis as well.

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