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Posted By HopesummersFORtheFUTURE

and still no jean grey, the REAL jean grey. sigh. can she at least get a mini before i die its not that hard, the girl's been around a lot longer than those who have had ongoings and not even a one shot

Agreed!!! :)

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Posted By papad1992

@maccyd said:

@papad1992: You're a genius! Get on the phone to Marvel, now!

Haha! They've blocked my number... :(

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Posted By StMichalofWilson

Nightcrawler series?! Yes please

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Posted By Aeron_Glyndwr

@komickev said:

Claremont became more and more long winded and very, very expository in his writing and it got tedious and a chore to read

Yeah...this is my problem with Claremont. I tried to read X-Treme X-Men because man, that whole storyline and the team just appealed to me but it was such heavy reading.

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Posted By Lycan69

I am sure Wolverine will be involved in some way, shape or form. :-/

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Posted By frozenedge

@thesmokingmirror: Well he's still dead but he's the current focus in Amazing X-Men where it looks like he may return to Earth with them

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@frozenedge: I have been too poor to keep up to date with all my comics. Last I read , Nightcrawler was dead. Is this still the case? I refuse to Wikipedia this type of type of thing , although I apparently will ask strangers on the internet

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Posted By blackkitty

If I learned anything about Claremont it's that he was great in the 70's and can't seem to write anything that moves out of that Genre... so I'll pass.

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Posted By MakkyD

@papad1992: You're a genius! Get on the phone to Marvel, now!

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Edited By sledgemeyers

Am I the only one pulling for an Ultimate Nick Fury and Nightcrawler hanging out and getting into adventures together?

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Posted By papad1992

Today, a BAMF! mini-series or on-going... Tomorrow a new Winter Guard series! Yay or Nay!?

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Posted By IrishX

@the_poet: So excited about this. I really enjoy all his previous solo series. I think you would really like his first one. Seems some are concerned it's only a mini but I don't see that as a bad thing. It's better than nothing and sometimes it allows for a good story to be told without dragging on. Amazing X-Men has had a good start so far and it's awesome to have the elf back.

(BTW, I've now partly jumped into digital comics. Getting Teen Titans on comixology for my daughter and I am signing up to Marvel Unlimited. I'll still be getting floppy's weekly and picking up tpb's a plenty though.)

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Posted By bladewolf

I get the feeling this will probably be a mini-series. I love Nightcrawler, but not sure he can sustain his own ongoing.

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Posted By MatteoPG

nice... but SERIOUSLY! How many new titles are marvel coming out with? And they are all $4.... Give it a frickin rest.

With the money i'm saving from not buying marvel, i buy approx three-four times the amount of stories now.

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Posted By bunkerbuster05

Marvel is KILLING IT, this is so great.

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Edited By Giovanni_Di_Guerra

YES!!!!!! I knew this was going to come out of Amazing X-Men, those BAMFs are too cool to not have their own series with Nightcrawler. It would be awesome if this series had beast in it, it would be a blue furries team!

BAMF dolls please :)

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Posted By KomicKev

@benblanks86: Back in the good old days (you know, when there was only ONE X-Men book and a 4-issue mini-series from time to time), Claremont was THE man with his writing. His stories were interesting (Days of Future Past, Phoenix Saga, Hellfire Club, Proteus, etc.) and he was building this huge and unique x-universe. Also, he had John Byrne doing great art and co-plotting stories - - a match made in heaven. But then Byrne left and Claremont became more and more long winded and very, very expository in his writing and it got tedious and a chore to read (anyone ever read Dean Koontz? He's in the same league in my opinion.). So, yes, I agree with you.

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Don't know those people so ill pass.

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Posted By Teerack

I wish Marvel would just name the book BAMF!

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i think i can get down with this.

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Posted By The Poet

@irishx I'm rather curious what you think about this news...(not about Nightcrawler being alive again - though I must admit I'm curious if you are reading Amazing Xmen - but what you think of an ongoing series possibly for him)

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Posted By Perfect 10
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Edited By Yung ANcient One

Nightcrawler Solo? Nightcrawler mini?

What is it?


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Posted By danhimself

is no one else worried that this book might suck because Claremont has been a pretty crappy writer for some time now

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Posted By kriminal

if its nightcrawler issue 1 is likely all i get. i cant commit to a series based on him. did the same with gambit, and that was solid for ten or so issues

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Posted By SoA

i w just wanted to see what was up . then i read claremont and nauck. i have a new title im picking up.

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Posted By zombietag

this sounds like a terrible team

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Posted By frozenedge
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Edited By Smurfboy

Why must Marvel kept eating all of my hard-earn cash?! I am seriously having a difficult time deciding which title to follow. I can't afford more than at least three titles at the moment. :( Poor me. At this time of writing, I am only following my favorite hero: Wolverine (Paul Corner). Bamf! sounds interesting and probably not a ongoing series. Guess I just have to wait and see.

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Posted By sparty-dbq

@darklexeus: For me, the best thing about Nightcrawler isn't his teleporting or his skills with a sword. It's the quality of his character; his humility, his caring nature, his unwavering devotion to his faith and his friends. He leaves a profound impact on nearly everyone he's encountered. Way back in the day, he got through to Wolverine on a personal level more than anyone had before apart from maybe Jean. He was the emotional center of the team, and when he died during Second Coming, it hit EVERYONE hard.

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Posted By tuckboarder

Todd Nauck, bummer

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Posted By benblanks86

Honest question: can someone actually describe to me with intimate detail why Chris Claremont is considered to be such a great writer? Everything I've ever read by him has been long-winded and totally unbelievable dialogue that no one would even have time to say in most of the situations they were in.

I have a very biased opinion of the man because when I was first getting into comics X-treme X-Men had just started, I knew I liked X-Men so I got it, but I only stayed on board because I loved Salvador Laroca's art, and the colors were awesome, then I met Chris at Wizard World that year, had him sign an issue of it for me and he didn't look at me or say even one word to me, as if I had just handed him a pile of shit to sign. Which in hindsight I may have because screw him, he sucks, and his comics suck. Ugh, and I am NOT this kind of guy at all, I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when it comes to Chris Claremont that is the one instance where I become the stereotypical internet hate-monger of a nerd. So seriously, lay it on me, why do you like Chris Claremont, what stories of his are actually good? And COULD it be that you simply have to have been reading comics in the '80s and '90s to really appreciate it for what it was at the time?

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@kantrip said:

First Doop and now this? Oh yes yes yes yes yes please!!!!

@the_stegman I would be a bit disappointed if it was an ongoing. I've got the impression that Marvel.Now has been about doing new stories for Popular and Not-So-Popular Characters/Teams that have a finite point but do tie-in to overall continuity. Which I'm 100% okay with because it doesn't leave me with a rushed or dangling ending to sour my feelings on the books, and Marvel gets a chance to run its IP's and Creators about to see what really works.

If this, and Doop are indeed minis that may lead to a new team or story arc, then it could be very interesting. Especially if it's an X-Men team formed by the mutants who can't fit in with normal society.

Doop is a mini, it's about what he was up to during Battle of the Atom

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Posted By Dabee

Wait... what? The hint word could say "BARF" and I'd still get it with this creative team.

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Edited By dbatdog

I thought there is a book with nightcrawler in it? Is that going to be cancelled?

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Posted By CheeseSticks

I don't know. Claremont has not write anything good since the 90's. I think he's the best X-writer, but i have my doubt about this book.

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Posted By Maddpanda531

@scantenii: I could totally see a new Excalibur series, especially with the Marvel UK characters being front-and-center with Revolutionary War

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Posted By sho3s22

@noj said:

Why no report on the new Aquaman and the Others series coming in April yet?


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Posted By Xwraith

13-year-old me would have came in his pants at this.

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Posted By PeppeyHare

Dude, All-New marvel now! is so good

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Posted By DanialCarroll

With that creative team, how can I NOT read it? :D

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Posted By Protoflash

YES! YES! OMG YES! and did I mention? YES!!!!

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Edited By MadeinBangladesh

nice... but SERIOUSLY! How many new titles are marvel coming out with? And they are all $4.... Give it a frickin rest.

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Posted By kidchipotle

I'd love it if this was an on-going but I have feeling this is either going to be a new creative team or a mini series.

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