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Marvel Sets Disney Takeover Vote For December 31, 2009

Have you been wondering what the latest on this deal is?

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It's been some time since we had that 'shocking' news that Disney was buying Marvel for 4 billion dollars.  Since that moment back on August 31, there hasn't been too much regarding the sale and transfer of ownership.  Fans are still a little fearful for what this deal will mean for their favorite characters.  There has been reassurance that we will not see any major changes or Disney-fication of the more violent heroes.
According to Yahoo! Finance, Marvel Entertainment Inc. has stated that it will hold a special shareholders meeting in New York on December 31 to allow a vote on the Walt Disney Co.'s takeover.  Stockholders that have been on record since November 23 will be allowed to vote at the meeting.  If the shareholders approve the deal, it will be close on December 31.
What will happen if the shareholders don't vote for the deal?  I'm sure that will just put a slight delay on the process.  From everything I've read, this deal will benefit everyone involved.  Disney is a massive powerhouse of a company with deep resources.  In my opinion, I don't feel there's anything to fear.  I believe this will only help to bring us even more Marvel products (and not just in terms of comic books).  We'll have to stay tuned to see how the vote turns out.