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Marvel Reveals Ultimate Covers, Discusses Ultimate Rebirth At New York Comic Con

The publisher gives fans their first look at the upcoming covers for their "Ultimate" comics books.

The Marvel stage at New York Comic Con is the first time that Marvel has brought creators together to discuss the "rebirth" of the Ultimate Comics Universe since it's launch with Marvel's new Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales. The discussion began with Editor-in-Chief at Marvel Comics Axel Alonso stressed that the over-arching theme of the books would be the "connectivity" between three of their major titles; "Ultimate Comics Spider-Man," Ultimates," and "Ultimate X-Men."

"Ultimate Spider-Man" #6

According to a report, Marvel started the discussion by stating how proud and excited they are over the discussion of a half-black, half-latino character (i.e. Miles Morales). They then procedded to show the audience preview pages to an upcoming issue of Ultimate Spider-Man where Miles has his very first encounter with Spider Woman. According to Alonso, Marvel is taking a new character through a similar process to the one Peter Parker endured decades ago.

I think it's beautiful now that ten years later we have a new launch and a new guy on his own journey of self discovery...we're peeling back the mask to reveal a new face, and that's what comics is all about...Peter Parker has been around for decades, and he's got fans who are all colors. At the end of the day, Miles also transcends race, and that's all I'll have to say about it."

The paelists also discussed Ultimate X, and the premise of that book being about a group of X-Men who want to take back their identities. Below you can check out upcoming covers to "Ultimate X-Men" as well as the new Captain Britain gracing the cover of "Ultimates." Which is your favorite? What do you think of a younger Kitty Pryde?

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"Ultimates" #6
"Ultimate X-Men" #6