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Marvel Reveals Two More Members of the MIGHTY

Find out who the next two heroes are that will be stepping up to protect Earth.

On Monday Marvel released a teaser asking "Who is MIGHTY?" It turns out that by using the Marvel AR app, you can find out who the image represents. Yesterday the second teaser with another reveal was released.

Today, Marvel has revealed not one, but two more members.

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From the battlefields of Infinity comes a new team to protect Earth! With the Avengers light-years away in space, contending with the Builders, and Thanos’ marauders ransacking the Earth, doing as they please - who will stand in defense of mankind?

Want more? Using your camera enabled device combined with the Marvel AR app, get the inside look on this brand new team by using this image!

If you're not able to access the AR app right now or are too lazy, the next two revealed are Blue Marvel (what's he been up to all this time?) and She-Hulk.