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Marvel Releases First 'Marvel Universe' Promo Shot

With a free model and a story by Bendis, could this title be what Marvel needs to go up against DC Universe Online?

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Marvel's released their first promo still from their upcoming Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, Marvel Universe today to the closed circle of their "Marvel Massively Multiplayer Society" blog.

The game, which will be written by Marvel superstar Brian Michael Bendis, will let players take control of the Marvel franchise characters, as opposed to creating their own. The game will also feature a free-to-play model.

The still looks is interesting, as if it's any indication of how the finished game will look, the art style will be bordering on cartoony. Characters look as if they're carved from bright plastic, and look to remain accurate to how they're currently portrayed in comics.

Letting players assume their roles, however, could be a bit difficult. Part of what MMORPGs successful is their ability to let players invest time (and money) into the development on their own personal escape. Allowing players to be Thor or Captain America might not be as special as making their own hero, as, well, everyone else can, as well.

It should be noted that DC's MMO, DC Universe Online has been still chugging along all this time. It'll be interesting how two games using competing models, written by two industry figureheads, will fare against each other.


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