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Marvel NOW Will Relaunch The Marvel Universe This October

Marvel's Chief Creative Officer unveils some of the publisher's plans to change the Marvel Universe.

This fall will be pretty big for Marvel comics. The company that brings us Spider-Man and the Avengers will be relaunching their entire line of books this October. Sound familiar? In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Marvel's Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, the publisher revealed their plans to change their universe.

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But how much will change, and how much will stay the same? Although Quesada stresses that the entire universe won't be changing, he does indicate that we will be seeing the return of some characters and the launch of all-new titles.

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• Uncanny Avengers - written by Rick Remender, artist unknown – Shipping in October, a direct spinoff from Avengers vs. X-Men, Remender says “It’s a bridge book, something that can delve into both worlds”

• All New X-Men - written by Brian Michael Bendis, artist unknown – Shipping in November, the rumors of Bendis taking over the X-Men appear to be true. Bendis will use time travel to bring the original five X-Men to the present day as Bendis describes, “It’s not a time travel story like Back to the Future. It’s a time travel story like Pleasantville,“ marking the return of Jean Grey to the 616 universe.

• Avengers - written by Jonathan Hickman, artist unknown – Shipping in December, Hickman picks up the Avengers reins from Bendis has he expands the scope of The Avengers. Hickman is quoted as saying “It’s not six Avengers, It’s 18 or more”. The new title will be biweekly and will be a combination of oneshot stories and longer, “galaxy spanning multi-issue arcs” as they protect the entire universe and become an Avengers for the 21st century.

This is pretty big news for Marvel and Marvel fans, although MARVEL NOW (which is what the publisher is titling this new initiative) won't be all that similar to DC's relaunch of the New 52. What do you think of the news? Are you looking forward to these new series as well as the return of Jean Grey to Marvel comics?

Source: iFanboyand Entertainment Weekly