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Marvel NOW!: HULK's New Creative Team Teased

Hold onto your butts. This series should immediately shoot to the top of your "most wanted" list.

So far we’ve had two creative team reveals for Marvel’s upcoming Marvel NOW! initiative -- Kieron Gillen and Greg Land taking over IRON MAN and Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic taking on THOR. But today’s teaser image might be the best of the bunch thus far.


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It appears as though Mark Waid, the Eisner-winning writer for his work on DAREDEVIL, will be teaming with Leinel Yu for the new incredible indestructible HULK series. How can you not get excited for that?!

Mark Waid will be taking the reins of Hulk from Jason Aaron, who as we just mentioned will be moving over to THOR for one of his new gigs kicking off as part of Marvel NOW! Aaron's HULK started off strong but quickly lost steam. Hopefully, Waid can do for the Hulk what he did for Hell's Kitchen's favorite blind man.

We still have two days left to this week and, presumably, two more teasers to be shown, but the question remains: how can Waid and Yu on HULK be topped?

Stay tuned to find out.

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