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Marvel NOW!: Get a Look at Captain America’s New Costume

Steve Rogers is getting some new duds for Marvel's upcoming initiative.

Ever since Marvel released the first teaser image for their Marvel NOW! initiative following Avengers vs. X-Men, fans have wondered what was up with Captain America’s new duds. Now you can get a closer look.

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MTV Geek got the official scoop from Marvel editor Tom Brevoort, who detailed for them the design process between artists Jerome Opena, who will be handling AVENGERS with writer Jonathan Hickman, and John Cassaday, who is joining Rick Remender on UNCANNY AVENGERS.

He’s an excerpt from Brevoort about the creative process:

There wasn’t a whole lot of back-and-forth, to be honest. We started with Jerome, who’s got a strong relationship and partnership with the writer, Rick Remender, and whom we thought could deliver the kind of thing we were looking for. Jerome went away and did, I think, three rounds of design before we landed where we wanted to be. Then, when John signed on to do UNCANNY AVENGERS, especially having such a strong connection to Captain America, he asked if he could tweak the outfit a bit—primarily restoring the chain mail feel to the torso, which was fine with us.

To me, it looks like drawing the new Cap outfit is going to be quite a pain in the tuckus for artists. The suit kind of reminds me of what Captain America’s outfit would look like if he went to the same tailor as Bruce Wayne for his Dark Knight film costumes – a whole lot of individual armor plates everywhere.

Even Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada had some difficulty rendering the suit for the single promo image he did, says Brevoort.

I’m sure that when other artists draw the suit, there’ll be some individual modifications as well-Joe Q mentioned that it was a bitch to draw when he was doing the MARVEL NOW! promo image, so we figured that different guys would find ways to streamline it in different ways.

Here are a few more concept images of Cap’s new outfit. What do you guys think? Personally, I love his new bootstraps. They remind me of a pair of classic Air Jordan XVIs I used to own. Cap is now rolling in style.

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