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Marvel Little Big Planet: Hulk, Punisher, Green Goblin, Magneto & Storm

Marvel unveils more characters/costumes for Sony's Little Big Planet.

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Last week saw the daily announcements of the last 5 Marvel themed Little Big Planet costumes.  It's been nearly 2 months since Marvel first announced their plans to release 20 Sack Boy outfits based on some of their most popular characters.  Slowly, they released info & art of all the characters in batches of 5.  At long last, all 20 have been announced and the final 5 are available to buy.   
Each costume kit has 5 characters in it: 
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 == TEASER == 
All Sack Boy costumes are compatible with both the upcoming Little Big Planet 2 and the original Little Big Planet.  If you don't want to buy all 5 characters, then worry not!  You can purchase each character costume individually.  However, the magic about Little Big Planet is that you can customise to your heart's content.  Each costume has several different components so you can mix & match the look of your Sack Boy.  Just think of all the different combinations you can create using all 20 costumes! 


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