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Marvel Little Big Planet: Cap, Wolvie, Rogue, Sue Storm & Venom

The Marvel Little Big Planet is getting pretty big.

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As you can probably tell, I couldn't fit 'Invisible Woman' into the blog title.  Anyway, it seems that Marvel have changed the way they're pimping the new costume kits.  Before they announced one per day until the final day when all 5 are ready for purchase.  Instead, they're waiting till the pack is ready all in one go. 
Further to the Little Big Planet Costume Kit 1 & Little Big Planet Costume Kit 2, Marvel & Sony have now released...  The Little Big Planet Costume Kit 3!  Bet you didn't see that coming, huh...  The third kit was released on 04 August 2010 and comes with costume accessories that allow you to dress your Sackboy as Captain AmericaWolverineRogueInvisible Woman & Venom.   
  == TEASER ==
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As before, you can purchase each 'character' individually, or in the kit of all 5.  Each comes with a series of different accessories that form to make one whole character, or that can be mixed & matched to your personalised wishes. 
  • Wolverine's Boots, Adamantium Claws, Mask, Skin, Shoulder Pads & Belt
  • Invisible Woman's Costume Top, Costume Bottom, Gloves & Hair
  • Venom's Skin, Costume Top, Costume Bottom, Head & Gloves
  • Rogue's Skin, Gloves, Hair, Boots & Costume
  • Captain America's Belt, Headpiece, Shield, Boots & Skin        

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