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Marvel Getting Into The Motion Comics Game

Could we start seeing more and more of these?

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Motion Comics.  I get the impression a lot of people around here aren't too crazy about them.  I'm not against the concept.  I mentioned what I thought of the Batman: Black & White Motion Comics.  I think, if done well, they can be pretty cool.  It almost seems to be cheaper, especially when you consider that they put in more production with voice actors, music and such.

The New York Times quoted Marvel Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada on this.
"It became very, very evident to me that as technology moves forward, there will come a day where we'll be able to not just create animation based upon our comic books and our characters and stories that we've told, but there will come a time when eventually we'll be able to take existing comic art, the flat, static art, and be able to animate it," said Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada. "So [now] we can put out a product that is not quite a comic book and not quite animation, [but] a wonderful hybrid that incorporates all of our great talents."
The biggest complaint I've heard is that it looks like a cheap cartoon.  It's not meant to be a cartoon.  Like Joe Q said, it's a "hybrid" of animation and comics.  And what about the rising price of $3.99?  I hate to break it to you, but eventually comic prices will go up.  It may appear that Marvel is taking the lead with the jump but others soon will either because Marvel's getting away with it or because they actually have to. 

How much are you willing to pay?  Will there come a point where you would consider paying less for a digital format instead?  I don't think at this current moment, digital comics will replace the traditional format.  But there may come a time where we'll have to face that possibility.  For now, I look forward to these digital/motion comics.  X-Men and Spider-Woman will be the first Marvel comics to get the digital treatment.  A release date or price hasn't been announced yet but I am looking forward to it a bit.