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Marvel Comics Previews: 2/19/14

Take a look at what you can expect in next week's Marvel comics.

Each week we post previews for the following week's Marvel Comics. They are on our Previews Forum but sometimes people forget to poke around there. Below you will find the covers to the Marvel Comics on sale 2/19/14.

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A+X #17

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X-MEN #11

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Avatar image for momo111191
Edited By momo111191

uncanny x-men is easily my favorite marvel book.

Avatar image for g_leno
Posted By G_leno

Might have to give new warriors a try!

Avatar image for edamame
Edited By Edamame

lol at "Night Of The Living Deadpool"


Avatar image for bull_iod
Posted By Bull_iod

Punisher #2 - a good first issue means I can't not pick this up.

Avatar image for timelord
Posted By timelord

Meh on Marvel for me this week

Avatar image for MadeinBangladesh
Edited By MadeinBangladesh

uncanny x-men is easily my favorite marvel book.

me too!!!

Avatar image for alak
Posted By Alak

Daredevil and Uncanny X-Men are my two favorite Marvel titles right now. I'm a Nova fan, so I'm trying to read the new Nova books to get a feel for Sam Alexander.

Avatar image for zbvmx
Posted By ZbvmX

I could finally jump into Daredevil (by Waid and Samnee) after have been reading and not buying for a while. #36 should be a good jumping-on point (better than #1 of the ANMN volume methinks). Can't wait for 1.50 issue as well :D

Avatar image for cap10nate
Posted By Cap10nate

Avengers World, Captain America, and Punisher for me this week.

Avatar image for xanthos
Edited By Xanthos

Surperior Spider-man team up might be decent. Avengers World also looks decent. I know some people were complaining. Shang-chi is an amazing martial artist and I can see amazing fights about to occur. I'm not sure about anything else on this list.

Night of the Living Deadpool. I haven't been digging the deadpool recently. I cannot explain why other than nothing was going on.

New Warriors seems to be kiddy imo. Hopefully it will be good.

Avatar image for lykida
Edited By Lykida

Uncanny X-Men, Amazing X-Men and X-Men is a must for me. I'm also gonna pick up New Warriors, Nova and Punisher. I might give Avengers World another chance, also the first 2 issues didn't convince me...

Avatar image for serrure
Edited By serrure

NEW WARRIORS!!! KAINE! NOVA! ARACLEY! Pinch me I'm dreaming

Avatar image for granitesoldier
Posted By GraniteSoldier

New Warriors looks good, but only if they have liberal use of Kaine, as in he becomes a focal point and not a side character. Thats my one fear with that. Other than that Night of the Living Deadpool has been entertaining.

Avatar image for bluefox170
Posted By Bluefox170

I'll have to get my double dose of Punisher with Punisher #2 and Superior Spider-man team up #10.

Also Savage Wolverine.

Avatar image for infinityjudge
Posted By infinityjudge

Daredevil #36 for a sad farewell (until the new DD series!);

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #10 (the series has been a nice compliment to the main title, and Spidey, Daredevil and Punisher always make an excellent read, despite Spidey obviously lacking his comic edge this time around);

The Punisher #2 (great first issue, a little cliché but the art was fantastic);

Trying to avoid X-titles for money-saving purposes, but may check out Amazing X-Men #4 because of Aaron, McGuinness and Nightcrawler. Loved Bachelo and Bendis on Uncanny X-Men but it would mean catching up on a few missed issues.

I'll find out why Beta Ray Bill is hanging with Nova in reviews before plunging in. New Warriors in theory would appeal because of the underdog characters, but again hanging back.

Avatar image for CommanderShiro
Posted By CommanderShiro

Just X-Men for me this week.

Avatar image for FeedOnATreeFrog
Posted By feedonatreefrog


Avatar image for human_rocket
Posted By HumanRocket

His upcoming week will be a slow one. Unless I decide to pick up New Warriors just to see Kaine.

Avatar image for perfect_10
Posted By Perfect 10

finally new warriors is here and LOVE the villaness cover to x-men. good luck surviving that team, no magik or jean grey? whoo boy

Avatar image for michaelthemighty17
Posted By michaelthemighty17

im looking forward to "Dexter down under" as i live in Australia and "the new warriors"

Avatar image for crackdown
Posted By Crackdown

I wonder what happened to the MVP clone Patrick that joined the New Warriors as Scarlet Spider? I hope they explain that

Avatar image for oldnightcrawler
Posted By oldnightcrawler

X-men, Uncanny X-men, and Amazing X-men..

looks like a good week to be an X-fan :v

Avatar image for vandersexxx
Posted By VanderSEXXX

Hmmm that Nova issue seems to be interesting to start picking up even without Rider.