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After a round of lay-offs, Marvel reveals plans to cancel two of their upcoming titles.

Earlier today Marvel revealed their plans to cancel DESTROYERS, a five-issue miniseries the publisher recently announced in FanExpo Canada that they would be releasing in February, 2012. During the initial announcement, writer Fred Van Lente's initial excitement about Marvel's return to "monster books," was pretty evident, so it's no wonder that the creator would be disappointed over the book's cancellation; particularly considering that Van Lente was ready and willing to make more books featuring many of Marvel's monsters.

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I think the entire theme of monsters punching each other in the face should be an entire sub-genre of comics," the writer said. "Marvel fans, we need to take Marvel back from the super heroes and give it back to the monsters.

Unfortunately he won't be given the chance to see if this is a genre that readers are interested in; at least not right now. Van Lente seemed a bit numb in a comment he made over twitter this morning when he revealed that the book had "gotten the axe weeks ago," particularly since he seemed so excited about the book in a previous interview. However, this isn't the only recent "axed" book from Marvel.

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Last week writer Nick Spencer revealed his disappointment in Marvel's decision to cancel his upcoming book, VICTOR VON DOOM: DOOMED TO HELL which would have told the story of a young Doctor Doom's adventures into Hell to save the spirit of his mother.

The reveal that Marvel had canceled the miniseries came to a real shock considering the publisher had already revealed the covers to the book's first three issues in addition to the book's official solicitation. The book which would have been written by Nick Spencer with art from Becky Cloonan is one that Nick was evidently very proud of and sad he won't be seeing in print.

“Really proud of the scripts and hope to get to work with @beckycloonan sooner rather than later,”

The latter of the two books would have been edited by former Marvel editor Alejandro Arbona who was recently let go from Marvel following a stream of layoffs of the Marvel editorial staff. This leads us to beg the question, is everything alright at Marvel Comics? What do you think of the news? Are either of these two books series you had been looking forward to reading?Check out the covers and previously released pages from both the Destroyers book as well as Victor Von Doom, below.

Source: Robot6 and Marvel

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