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Marvel Announces 'XX' Project from Brian Wood & Olivier Coipel

Is this another X-Men title or something more?

We're seeing most of the previously announced Marvel NOW! books hit the shelves. There's still more coming in the next couple months but it appears Marvel hasn't announced all of the new titles just yet. Today on USA Today, another new title is being teased.

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Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel will be joining forces on what might appear to be a dirty comic title but we know that isn't really the case. With the DNA strand coming off the letters, we have to assume it's for another X-Men title. Chances are, based on previous teasers, the title may not necessarily be "XX."

With ALL-NEW X-MEN and the upcoming UNCANNY X-MEN by Brian Michael Bendis, we have to wonder what this other X-Men title could be focusing on. We'll have to wait until more information is released.

Could XX have anything to do with the XX chromosome? So maybe this will be an X-Men book with just female characters?