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Marvel Announces OLD MAN LOGAN

Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's awesome story is making a return next summer!

Marvel's been announcing the return of one big event after another, but today the publisher dropped a pleasant surprise: a new OLD MAN LOGAN. The story focused on Wolverine and a blind Hawkeye wandering around a world that's now controlled by villains. As you can see in the teaser below, a lot of elements still remain.

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Does this mean there's hope for Enemy of the State or is this the only Wolvie solo story they're bring back Summer of 2015? Are a bunch of these "what if?" stories or are they all stemming from Jonathan Hickman's Time Runs Out? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Also announced for next Summer is SECRET WARS, CIVIL WAR, AGE OF ULTRON VS MARVEL ZOMBIES, YEARS OF FUTURE PAST, PLANET HULK, ARMOR WARS, HOUSE OF M, and INFINITY GAUNTLET. There's no sign of these announcements slowing down, so it's time to guess what'll come next. Fingers crossed for ANNIHILATION.