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Marvel Announces Loeb & McGuinness on Mysterious 'Reborn' Title

What character is getting the 'reborn' treatment this time?

With San Diego Comic-Con just under two weeks away, the announcements and teases have already begun. This morning, Marvel has announced that megastars Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness will reunite this December for an action packed story of epic proportions. In other words, be prepared for "_ _ _ _ _ Reborn."

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Who is getting reborn? We'll have to wait and see. Does the character's name actually only have five letters or is this a generic placeholder to tease us? It looks as if they purposely are trying to tell us it's five letters and not just a big blank placeholder.

We will find out in two weeks as San Diego Comic-Con at the Cup O' Joe Panel on Saturday, July 23, at 2:45 pm PST. Start making your guess now so you can be the first to 'call it.'