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Marvel Announces Another CIVIL WAR

Yup, the publisher's bringing the huge event back. How? Your guess is as good as ours!

First, Marvel announced they're creating a new SECRET WARS. Now, the publisher is teasing a new CIVIL WAR! All Marvel revealed is the following image (by Adi Granov) of Iron Man and Captain America fighting over Spider-Man. It's worth noting they're all wearing the costumes they had back during the original CIVIL WAR, too.

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The SECRET WARS teaser image showed the latest incarnations of Marvel's heroes fighting their older versions, so is Jonathan Hickman writing a story which has the modern heroes revisiting some of the Marvel universe's biggest events? Only time shall tell, and it looks like we won't have all of the details until the Summer of 2015. Well, what do you think is going on over at the House of Ideas? Share your thoughts below.