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Marvel Announces a Return to HOUSE OF M for Summer 2015

The teasers keep on coming.

Marvel is definitely up to something. We've been seeing teaser after teaser all last week. These teasers have been focusing on past big events in Marvel Comics with a date of Summer 2015. In some cases, the teasers have new art with some strange tweaks added to them that show it's not a simple retelling of the original story. What all these mean and how we'll be seeing them all again remains to be seen.

The teasers we've seen so far include SECRET WARS, CIVIL WAR, AGE OF ULTRON VS MARVEL ZOMBIES, YEARS OF FUTURE PAST, PLANET HULK, and ARMOR WARS. There is no shortage of big Marvel events as yet another has been announced: HOUSE OF M.

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Once again, you can see some differences in the art. HOUSE OF M was original by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Olivier Coipel. The original story dealt with Scarlet Witch changing reality so there was (almost) "No more mutants." That phrase is also something that has been mentioned at NYCC and with the news of a new UNCANNY AVENGERS series last Friday.

We'll have to wait for more information.