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Marvel and ABC Studios Looking To Create 'Avengers' TV Series

Marvel TV and ABC executives may be in talks to create a spin-off, prime-time live action drama based on 'The Avengers' movie.

With the success of so many Marvel movies over the years, it comes as no surprise that Marvel may start looking to branch out into television to expand their 'Avengers' universe. In fact, don't be too shocked if we see a live-action spin-off of The Avengers movie on prime-time television very soon. According to a recent report on Deadline, Marvel TV exec Jeph Loeb recently engaged in some very early discussions with ABC television executives.

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Deadline's sources hinted that ABC, ABC Studios and Marvel TV may be planning on creating a television drama spinning off from The Avengers movie, but that it would not be a direct spin-off. The supposed show would be set in a similar universe and carry the same tone, but its unlikely we'll be seeing heavy hitting characters like Iron Man and Captain America on the small screen. The project is in the very beginning stages, so there's still a chance that nothing will come out of this; but wouldn't it be cool if something did?

There is no question that there is a lot that Marvel and ABC could do and that there are many untapped Marvel characters that could be featured on the small screen. What do you think of the news? What is your dream-team roster for a Marvel Avengers themed television series?