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Mark Hamill Returns to Voice The Joker in "Killing Joke" Animated Film

THE voice of Joker is back!

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Fans of Batman: The Animated Series everywhere can finally rejoice as Mark Hamill is returning to a role he truly defined for a generation, and no, we're not talking Star Wars. According the Collider, Mark Hamill will once again voice The Joker for the upcoming "Killing Joke" animated film. Hamill has played the Joker more than anyone else in numerous animated features and even in the Batman: Arkham games. When the Killing Joke animated film was announced, he was the first name that came up on every fan's list and it looks like they got their wish.

The original KILLING JOKE comic hit stores back in 1988 and is the closest thing anyone has to an origin story for the iconic Batman villain. It was originally written by Alan Moore, with art from Brian Bolland, and colors John Higgins. It is widely considered to be one of the best Batman stories of all time and also one of the most twisted as well.

We'll keep you updated as more develops.