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Man Attacked By Robot In Sweden, The Rise Of Terminators?

What really caused this robot to attack?

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A factory worker in Sweden was attacked by a robot just outside of Stockholm back in June 2007.  The man has just been award 25,000 kronor ($3,000) for the incident, according to Swedish news site, The Local.  The man was doing some maintenance on the robot after it became defective.  The robot was used to life heavy rocks.  The man cut off all power to the robot before approaching it.  When he got near to robot, it came to life, grabbed his head and broke four of his ribs.

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A public prosecutor thought about what action to take against the company but finally settled on a fine.  He told the news:
I've never heard of a robot attacking somebody like this.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority and the police both investigated the incident.    No word on how the robot "came to life" after its power was cut off.

Is this the beginning of Skynet?  Could the creation of Terminators be just around the corner?

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