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Major Marvel Comics Character Killed in Civil War II #3 [Spoilers]

A long-existing character gets killed. The result will have a huge impact on the Marvel Universe.

Things are pretty tense in the Marvel Universe. A new Inhuman named Ulysses has surfaced with the ability to see visions of the future. This has lead several heroes to take charge and stop threats before they happen.

Tony Stark was outraged when his best friend War Machine was killed after a group of heroes decided to take on Thanos. Stark kidnapped Ulysses in order to figure out how his powers worked. Stark believes the future is meant to happen, and they shouldn't be trying to change things. When the Inhumans and other heroes arrive to free Ulysses, another vision occurs with the Hulk going on a murderous rampage. The question is: Should they protect the future or change the future? The results are disastrous.

There will be spoilers for Civil War II #3 below.

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Bruce Banner has been cured of being the Hulk. He hasn't had a "Hulk incident" in almost a year. Regardless, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) and Tony Stark show up at his secret laboratory. They ask him to step outside, and Banner discovers and army of superheroes. The situation is explained, and Bruce asks if they are there to lock him up or "put him down." Stark tells him they're divided on what should be done and need more proof.

Some proof is found. Beast hacked into Banner's computers while they were talking and found evidence he was injecting himself with treated dead gamma cells. Banner is upset at the accusations, and when he starts raising his voice against him, action is taken.

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Hawkeye turns himself in for killing Banner before he could turn into the Hulk. At his trial, he explains Banner asked him to do this. Banner approached him months before, and gave the tool that would kill him if he were to Hulk out. Banner knew Hawkeye was one of the few people that could kill him and eventually live with the choice.

Tony Stark is even angrier than before. He feels his friend and founding member of the Avengers was murdered. He asks Carol, "Who's next on your hit list?"

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With the verdict for Hawkeye about to be delivered, the Marvel Universe watches on to see what will happen next. The next issue will be released on July 27.