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Madman Atomic Comics #17 REVIEWED, All Good Things...

G-Man reviews the final issue of the series.

"All good things must come to an end."  Back in May, it was announced that Madman Atomic Comics would be coming to an end.  The fact that I'm a huge Madman fan made me dread the day that the final issue hit the stands.  Part of me wanted to avoid reading this issue right away so I would still have a "new" issue of Madman that I haven't read.  But I decided to read it and give it a review. 

The good news is Madman is not going away forever.  If you watch my interview with Mike Allred at San Diego Comic-Con, you can hear what he has to say on this.  I enjoyed the issue but, in my opinion, it wasn't Frank 'Madman' Einstein's best adventure.  In some ways, it was a fitting end.  It was nice having the Atomics present and joining with The Gear.  Seeing Red Rocket 7 was pretty rad as well.  The series may have ended but it's not necessarily the end for the characters.
As with all Madman comics, the art and color are simply amazing.  I have no idea how Mike and Laura Allred do it time and time again.  It's always a feast for your eyes when you look upon their work.  There's a reason that I love their work so much.  I honestly feel you should seek out a Madman trade and see what they're doing if you haven't already.  
For now, all we can do is sit back and wait.  The Allreds definitely have other projects coming.  And as mentioned, we will see the return of Madman someday soon.