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Lucifer's Holly Black and Stephanie Hans Talk Big Changes in Recent Issue

Black and Hans talk about the newest addition to the series with an interesting lineage.

Vertigo's Lucifer made a big addition to the book this past week which will change the series forever. Series writer Holly Black was joined by guest artist Stephanie Hans for this epic issue, and the two talked to us about what this means for the rest of the series.

Warning: There are a few spoilers for issue #6 in this interview.

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COMIC VINE: What does the introduction of Lucifer's son mean for the rest of the series?

HOLLY BLACK: Interesting question! Hard for me to answer without giving too much away, but now that Lucifer's back, the demons who’ve been grooming Takehiko as part of their strategy to take back Hell are eager to use him. Also, Lucifer’s model of father/son interactions isn’t a particularly positive one, so that’s going to be interesting.

How soon before these two characters meet?

BLACK: Not for a few issues yet.

How does Izanami-No- Mikoto feel about his father and his lineage?

BLACK: Lucifer murdered Izanami's children, then slept with her and allowed her to take a piece of his energy. I have no idea what he was thinking! Seriously, do not have sex with people after you kill their kids or you’re going to have to face the music down the road...

With God dead, how does this affect other beings in the afterlife and what repercussions can we expect in future issues?

BLACK: We’re going to know a bit more about the repercussions of the loss of Presence in Issue 7, specifically, what becomes of his remains.

Will this series be having any other Vertigo elements or characters appearing?

BLACK: Absolutely! The next character we’re going to meet up with is tween Noema Presto, daughter of Jill Presto and the Basanos.

Was it intimidating to work on this book with such an iconic Vertigo franchise?

STEPHANIE HANS: Well, It is always very intimidating for me to work for the first time with a publisher. It has to do with artist’s self-confidence issues I guess. You always wonder if you're as good as the idea the editor has of your work.

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For me, working on big franchises or smaller ones doesn't really make a difference from the moment I chose to say yes. I am happy to be trusted to bring an idea to life, to put images on words. Of course, I know that with bigger franchises, the expectations are proportionally bigger, but I honestly do my best every time, and I hope that people can see it.

How did you land the job doing the art this issue?

HANS: Certainly the editors thought that my painterly and somewhat dark art was the most fitting for this particular issue. Also I had already worked with the editorial team before they both landed at Vertigo, so I guess I left a good impression.

Were there any particular moments in this issue you really enjoyed tackling?

HANS: I loved working on flashback sequences as well as the black and red ones; you'll know them :). Usually, the more graphical I can be, the happier I get.

Could we see you doing art on LUCIFER again any time soon?

HANS: It's not planned, but life is long, anything could happen.

Thanks to Stephanie Hans and Holly Black for answering our questions and make sure to check out Lucifer #6, which is on sale now. Check out the rest of the preview below.