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Long Beach Comic & Horror Con 2012: Cosplay Gallery

Over 130 photos were taken at this year's Long Beach convention.

We may have just had close to 300 cosplay pics posted from New York Comic Con but there's still plenty more to see. This weekend was the Long Beach Comic & Horror Con. It may have only been two days but you can expect to see another Mystery Art Challenge with Dustin Nguyen, Mike McKone, Ray Anthony Height, Todd Nauck, Brian Buccellato, Joel Gomez and Sean "Cheeks" Galloway. There will also be some "Off THEIR Minds" where comic book writers are asked questions off my mind. The writers that answered include Scott Lobdell, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Jim McCann, Brian Buccellato, Sam Humphries, J.T. Krul and Jimmy Palmiotti.

You can look for those starting up later this week. But the reason you are here right now is COSPLAY. Here's a sample of the 131 photos taken this weekend.

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We can assume you want to see the rest. We've organized the gallery similar to how we did the NYCC 2012 Cosplay gallery. The full gallery can be found on the Long Beach Comic and Horror Con 2012 page.

To see over 130 pics, visit the FULL COSPLAY GALLERY by clicking HERE.


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Posted By Mucklefluga

Nice one Tony, thanks for using your time to do this!

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Posted By DDangelico

These are great! Did Sara show up? I remember on the podcast she had mentioned dropping by...

Avatar image for illyanarasputin
Posted By IllyanaRasputin

I'm in love with that Superman, and I don't even like Superman. *drool*

Avatar image for gmanfromheck
Posted By gmanfromheck

@IllyanaRasputin: There's a second one of him in the full gallery. ;)

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Posted By Xcalibur
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It was my first comic book convention. I got me 20 marvel comics, a Red Hulk action figure, and a couple of hats. I also found the video above. it was epic cool!

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Posted By Decept-O

Thanks G-Man for taking all these great pictures. I always look forward to pics of Cosplayer from the conventions.

Avatar image for illyanarasputin
Posted By IllyanaRasputin

@G-Man said:

@IllyanaRasputin: There's a second one of him in the full gallery. ;)

you're a life saver Tony, just what I needed <3

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Posted By LiquidSwords

I live 5 minutes away and I didn't go this year :(. I suck!

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Posted By Katosepe

These are great! Looks like fun :)

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Posted By jorgeareizaga

Please put more photos of MALES!!!!!!!

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Posted By Mandrewgora

that gambit, rouge, and nightcrawler combo is pretty sweet.

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Posted By Video_Martian

That Wonder Girl's pretty cute :D

Avatar image for gmanfromheck
Posted By gmanfromheck

@jorgeareizaga: Pretty sure there's a bit of males in the actual gallery. Should be a good mix.

Avatar image for lorex
Edited By lorex

Went through the gallery and the highlighted Jason from Friday the 13th IMO is the best though there are plenty of cool pictures.

Avatar image for knightrise
Posted By KnightRise

Donna Troy appears to be fully endowed with the blessings of Aphrodite.

Avatar image for mrdecepticonleader
Posted By mrdecepticonleader

Some great looking costumes.

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Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus


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Posted By GValo

I wish you guys would have been able to find this dude and get some better pics of him

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Posted By Hax0r

Family Guy Giant Chicken as Boba Fett. Seems Too Legit To Quit.