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Long Beach Comic Con 2016: Cosplay Panels and Contest Info

Find out about all the Cosplay opportunities at September's Long Beach Comic Con.

MAD Event Entertainment's Long Beach Comic Con is almost upon us. Taking place at the Long Beach Convention Center on September 17 and 18, this is one of our favorite shows to attend and cover. We've been to everyone and are looking forward to this year's. You can find information on the show, tickets, and guests here. Be sure to check back as more guests are still being announced.

Cosplay is always a big part of the show. You can see our Cosplay gallery from last year here. We're proud to reveal all the details you need for this year's Cosplay contest:

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Hosted by Nerds Like Us' Rhapsody Artejo & Chad Everett Lee Edward, this year’s contest takes place on Saturday 9/17 at 7:00pm in Room S7 in the Long Beach Convention Center.

“Cosplay has always been one of the most celebrated parts of the show,” says Executive Director and Co-Founder, Martha Donato. “It is very important that our show be friendly to cosplay in every aspect, on and off the show floor, with programming and events geared toward cosplayers from beginners to professionals. Our annual cosplay contest has grown into one of the highlights of the show, and it is always exciting to see the passion that goes into all of the costumes of our participants.”

Entries for this year's Long Beach Comic Con/Expo cosplay contest will include several categories. Awards will be given for: Best Hero, Best Villain, Best Youth, Best Group, Funniest, Best Tv/Movie, Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Judges’ Choice, and of course, Best in Show. Judges will be scoring for overall difficulty, creativity, accuracy(for recreation), and showmanship/character. Look for further announcements on prizing in the coming weeks!

All participants must register in advance, and complete rules and registration info can be found here.

The Cosplay contest isn't the only Cosplay taking place at the show. Several panels will take place for Cosplayers of all levels and interest.


Cosplay For All Sizes

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Panelists: Michael and Diane Greening , Robert Torres from Robert T. Photography, Morgue Anna from Con Woman Photography, Sonny Meas from Sonny Meas Photography, Brandon Jackson from Chief Geek Photography

Moderator: Katerina Eleftheriou

Time: Saturday, 11:00am-12:00pm

Whether you’re big, tall, or small, cosplay is definitely for you! Learn how to obtain confidence in the costumes you wear. Discover ways to alter clothing and patterns to fit your unique shape. If you want to cosplay as Doctor Who, Hetalia, Zelda, Batman, or whatever you’re into, then you’ll have a fantastic time!

Geeks Got Your Back

Panelists: Backup Ribbon Project

Time: Saturday 12:00pm-1:00pm

Anti-harassment has become a hot topic within the geek community over the last several years. Whether it is anti-harassment policies or grassroots awareness (such as Cosplay is Not Consent), more and more geeks are looking for ways to make the geek community a better place to everyone. Come join us as we discuss ways in which we can all just be a little more excellent to each other.

Cosplay Comedy

Panelists: Dan Teller (@midnight), Jackie Kashian (Conan), Jamar Neighbors (Keanu), Jeremiah Watkins (Just For Laughs), Julian Fernandez (Dana Carvey’s First Impressions)

Moderator: Kyle Chrise

Time: Saturday Saturday, 1:00pm-2:00pm

COSPLAY COMEDY is a unique comedy show where Stand­ Ups perform sets in costume and in-character! Hear your favorite heroes and villains say all the hilarious things you WISH they’d say in pulp and on the screen. Featuring a collection of LA’s funniest comedians, including Dan Teller (@midnight), Jackie Kashian (Conan), Jamar Neighbors (Keanu), Jeremiah Watkins (Just For Laughs), and Julia Fernandez (Dana Carvey’s First Impressions) performing as Ghostbusters, Avengers, Justice Leaguers, Hobbits and more!

Cosplay Makeup and Body Painting: A Beginner’s Guide

Panelist: Linz Stanley

Moderator: Laura Richards

Saturday, 3:00pm-4:00pm

Cosplayer and makeup artist, Linz Stanley, will take you through a step-by-step makeup demonstration on how to amp-up your cosplay makeup game. (This class isn’t just for the girls either, fellas!) Linz will teach you the basics of cosplay makeup, an introduction into body painting, and detailing such as contouring and highlighting. Come get your cos-paint on!

Equality in Cosplay

Panelists: KPM Cosplay, Hitomi Chan Cosplay, MVious Cosplay, Smooth Dragon Cosplay, That Vegan Cosplayer

Moderator: DeadFNPool

Saturday 4:00pm-5:00pm

The issue of gender and race in the cosplay community - various cosplayers comment on the topic and share their different experiences one has when genderbending a character or cosplaying a character of a different race.

Cosplay Photography 101

Panelists: Michael and Diane Greening , Robert Torres from Robert T. Photography, Morgue Anna from Con Woman Photography, Sonny Meas from Sonny Meas Photography, Brandon Jackson from Chief Geek Photography

Moderator: Crystal Rose Schaefer (Crystal Rose Creations)

Time: Saturday 5:00pm-6:00pm

Learn tips and tricks for Cosplay Photography with panelists Michael and Diane Greening , Robert Torres from Robert T. Photography, Morgue Anna from Con Woman Photography, Sonny Meas from Sonny Meas Photography, and Brandon Jackson from Chief Geek Photography. From lighting, posing, to Photoshop and locations/studios!

Beginning Cosplay. Where do I go from here?

Panelists: Yasu Tano(Hiro Creations), Crystal Rose Schaefer (Crystal Rose Creations), Gary Crowl Jr. (Beer Money Props)

Moderator: Clarissa Metall

Time: Saturday, 6:00pm-7:00pm

I want to start cosplaying, but where do I go from here? This is the panel that will answer all your questions! Join Yasu Tano (Hiro Creations), Crystal Rose Schaefer (Crystal Rose Creations), Gary Crowl Jr. (Beer Money Props) as they give you all the tips and tricks that can be be shared! Including (but not limited to); makeup, positivity (and how to remain positive), basics of prop/armor building, channeling the character (acting and posing), and making that first cosplay experience life changing!

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Anyone Can Cosplay

Panelists: Magic Golden Cupcake, Jillian Marie, The Spritely One

Moderator: Angi Viper

Sunday, 10:30am-11:30am

Featuring distinctly different types of cosplayers, Anyone Can Cosplay focuses on the many different reasons people join the cosplay community, what keeps them in it, and where it can take them. Intended to stress that there is no right or wrong way to cosplay, and anyone can be a cosplayer!

Geeklings & Parental Units Talk Cosplay

Panelists: Melody Mooney, Kendra J. Moras, Robb Yanagihara, Reina A. McCaughey, Gohar Powers

Moderator: Mark Cronan

Sunday, 10:30am-11:30am

Parents of LA area parenting group Geeklings and Parental Units discuss the ins and outs of cosplay with kids. Visit us for a lively discussion about the fun and work involved to cosplay with your kids. Topics will include family cosplay, wrangling your cosplaying Geekling, how to pick a character, supporting their creative ideas on a budget, and how to put together a last minute cosplay.

Official Star Wars Clubs: What We Do & How To Get Involved

Panelists: Robb Yanagihara, Sal Perales, Max Flores, Ingrid Moon, Vic Sanchez

Moderator: Derek Easley

Sunday, 11:30am-12:30pm

Saber Guild, The 501st Legion, Rebel Legion, and Mandalorian Mercs Costuming Club are all LucasFilm recognized Star Wars Costuming Clubs. Each group does LFL official events, charity and community events, as well as sci-fi and comic conventions to provide accurate Star Wars themes to all occasions.

Cosplayers for Causes Panel

Panelists: Star Wars Steampunk Universe

Sunday, 12:30pm-1:30pm

Cosplayers have a great opportunity to utilize their costumes from Charity fundraising appearances and hospital visits to lift the spirit of those in need. The Star Wars Steampunk Universe crew requires new members to seek out future charity activities as a part of inclusion. Our panel will discuss how to avail yourselves to your local charities like Childrens' Hospitals, Homeless facilities, Senior Centers and Youth organizations. Learning how to team up with other cosplay groups for charity activities like the 501st Legion helps newcomers develop their own methods and interests in community activities. We will talk about creating patches, sticker and postcards to promote charities as well as to raise funds. We will recount how to align you our your group with groups like Lucasfilm, Disney, Make a Wish, Breast Cancer Walks, and major sporting events. Being recognized as a charity-based cosplayer can become the most satisfying experience of your life. Our panel will answer questions from our personal encounters with hundreds of fans who could use a positive encounter during a tough time in their life.

Life Advice with Loki Hates You

Moderator: Loki Hates You (William Jackson)

Sunday, 1:30pm-2:30pm

Loki Hates You is known for a number of achievements (most notabley for walking around public places dressed like a supervillain) and he's here to offer you free advice for whatever's going on in your life. Come and seek help from a costumed lunatic about antyhing that's on your mind; Relationships. Professional concerns. Even cooking tips! Loki Hates You is here to listen to at least some of what you have to say about your problems and give you a fool proof solution. This panel is family friendly. Any advice given during this panel does not represent the opinions and views of Long Beach Comic Con or any right minded individual.

Cosplay and Your Social Media

Panelists: Shawn Richter, Amazing T Cosplay, My Name is Not Bruce, Vigilante Cosplay, Pinklunatik

Moderator: Trinity All-Stars

Sunday 2:30pm-3:30pm

Various cosplayers comment on the topic and share tips on choosing a cosplay name, social media etiquette, managing social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), and how to get the best use out of them!

Couples Who Cosplay

Panelists: Megan and Vincenzo (Gravehearts Cosplay), Julia and Santos (Monkey Monsters Cosplay), and Junior and Charlie (Cosplay Bears)

Moderator: Ryan Torstvet

Sunday, 3:30pm-4:30pm

Three local cosplay couples (Gravehearts Cosplay, Monkey Monsters Cosplay and Cosplay Bears) share tips and stories about their adventures in Cosplay.

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Hope to see you there!


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Little kid Deadpool is more wrong than plus-size Emma Frost.

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@dd208: Kid Deadpool would make a fun comic.

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Good lord that Joker cosplay spooked me.

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Good lord that Joker cosplay spooked me.

Yeah, I hope someone is keeping an eye on that guy.

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Little kid Deadpool is more wrong than plus-size Emma Frost.

But it's less wrong than a FEMALE, CHILD being IRON MAN.