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Lobdell Plans SUPERBOY and LEGION LOST Crossover For May

"The Culling" crossover will allow writer Scott Lobdell to bring two DC series together.

"The Culling" will be a crossover event at DC Comics that will be featured in both SUPERBOY and LEGION LOST, and will be written by SUPERBOY and TEEN TITANS writer Scott Lobdell. So, what is "The Culling"? According to Lodbell, the story will be dealing with Kid Flash and Superboy, and give the opportunity for Kid Flash to get the first real glimpse of his origins.

Lobdell won't be taking on the task of delivering the upcoming 92-page crossover event alone; to execute the task he will be bringing in the likes of Brett Booth, R.B. Silva and Ig Guara to deliver the art.

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The story will be diving into the reasons why Kid Flash is in the present as a member of the current TEEN TITANS, and explain who he is to readers. Based on what Lobdell revealed about the project, readers will see Kid Flash interact with a variety of characters who will question his origins.

Kid Flash [will be] learning the first hints of his origin by talking with Superboy, a 16 year old without any past at all...Then Timber Wolf [will confront] Kid Flash for an explanation as to why Bart Allen is in the here-and-now instead of his place of origin in the 31st Century... and you wonder why at least one of the Legion Losters seems to be covering for Kid Flash?

What will the connection between Legion and Kid Flash be? Which of the "Legion Losters" do you think will cover for Kid Flash, and more importantly; why? Lobdell also revealed his excitement about working with all three artists (Guara, Booth and Silva) on the upcoming project, citing he couldn't be happier about the "opportunity to create an epic comic book story over the course of one month -- using some of the greatest characters in the medium."

What do you think of the news of this crossover event? What do you think about the story's focus on Kid Flash's origins, and what could be his relationship to the Legion? The event launched this May.

Source: DC