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Listen to 75 Years Worth of DC Comics Music

With all the little diddies you love...

 This looks like it might've been drawn by Paul Pelletier. Anybody else have guesses?
 This looks like it might've been drawn by Paul Pelletier. Anybody else have guesses?

Now, this sounds like an interesting addition to old CD collection. Or to the iTunes library. Whichever way you collect and store your music. According to the Source, later this year, the WB’s putting out THE MUSIC OF DC COMICS: 75 ANNIVERSARY collection. But wait - - comics don’t have soundtracks! What could this music be from? It’s actually a pretty broad selection of songs from the whole gamut of DC’s multi-media library. You’ve got cuts from as earlier as the ’41 Flesicher SUPERMAN cartoons and as recent as the direct-to-video WONDER WOMAN animated feature. In between, you’ve got selections from memorable shows like SMALLVILLE, BATMAN BEYOND and LOIS & CLARK as well obscure titles like the LEGEND OF THE SUPERHEROES special and the PLASTIC MAN COMEDY ADVENTURE SHOW.

While the 60s BATMAN TV show is infinitely-tempting to hum along to, I’m really the most excited about the inclusion of John Williams’ SUPERMAN theme and Danny Elfman’s original BATMAN theme. They are, in my mind, some of the most rousing orchestral pieces in all of pop culture and their inclusion here really draws attention to the serious void of memorable themes at the movies lately. And, by lately, I mean the past 15 or so years.  I really don’t get it. Understated and minimalistic have their merits, sure, but nobody’s going to appreciate them as the years go by like, say, the scores for ROBOCOP, TERMINATOR or CONAN. Hum just a few notes of SUPERMAN's theme and it immediately conjures images of the Man of Steel. At full blast, it made every scene that much more iconic. Without something like that, a lot of these modern successors seem woefully mundane in comparison. 

Anyway, here’s the full track listing…== TEASER ==

Now, that I’m on the subject of these themes, I’d feel remiss not to share some clips with those of you who might have the misfortune of not being familiar with what I'm talking about. First, SUPERMAN’s theme, as performed by the master maestro, John Williams…  


…and then, Danny Elfman’s BATMAN score, which is from when I believe he was at his most inventive. It’s really astounding how many things this suite is at once. Operatic, creepy, tragic, foreboding, dashing…  


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Posted By Xyberius13

When does this come out?
I wonder if the Marvel studios will follow suit as well.  Wouldn't hurt is all I'm saying

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Posted By ComiCCloseup

How much?
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Posted By burningmidnight

I will own this!

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Posted By Eyz

Great compilation!
Not interested myself, but I can see lots of you wanting to get your hands on this :P

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Edited By robokungfu

Nerdtastic and I love it!  You're absolutely right about film scores these days.  They typically aren't memorable or even work enough to complement a scene.  It's ironic in a way most movies have music playing constantly without a break (far more often than films from 20 years ago and backward) yet they have no truly memorable scores.   
As for the soundtrack I hate it omitted Danny Elfman's great Flash score for the under-appreciated show.  

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Posted By TheMess1428

No Teen Titans from Puffy Ami Yumi?

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Posted By roxamilli

the music-enthusiast and the geek inside of me wants this, but already-spending-way-to-much-on-music-and-comics part of me isn't sure. 
Sounds cool though.

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Posted By daken_2513

im def gonna get this 
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Posted By NightFang3

Oh Hell Yea!

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Edited By JarJarMinks

Where are the Prince tracks?  You know you want to hear "Batdance" again

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Posted By Omega Ray Jay

Awesome, this will sit well in my soundtracks collection.

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Posted By Richard S! Preston

And let's not forget the Wonder Woman theme tune, which is one of the few things everyone knows about her.

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Posted By Darkmount1

MINE!:) I have always wanted a CD full of even the shortest superhero cartoon themes. Now that this has been announced, I want a CD with every Transformers theme, one with every GI Joe theme, and one with every Marvel cartoon theme!
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Posted By dondasch

Definintely going to get this.  Loved the Superman Theme and Batman movie theme, hands down.  Such good memories of those movies.

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Posted By DeadlyWolverine

Sounds interesting.

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Posted By Nick-SV(ril)

Oh I will get this. Even tho I'm no big fan on soundtracks in general, whether those are movies, shows or whatever,  there are going to be some truly epic ones in that CD.

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Posted By neillius

what about the intro to WB's "Batman Superman Hour" from the '90's?? Along with the intro video, I think thats one of my favorites.
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Posted By Crimson Eagle

listening to those tracks just bring back memories on how I originally became involved with comic books.

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Posted By Mutant God

Yeah Batman Beyond theme rocks
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Edited By Jordanstine

2. Theme From Superman (Album Version) - John Williams (1978)

Probably the best one of the bunch. But I already have the ringtone and mp3 file. Not too fond to be spending $$$ on the rest.  
11. Batman TV Series Theme - Neal Hefti (1966)      
This one would be just for kicks.