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Lex Luthor Declares Himself the New Superman

Lex thinks he has quite a super-plan for Metropolis.

Life is unpredictable in Metropolis. Citizens are used to seeing Superman flying around fighting super-villains. Lex Luthor has a different outlook on what sort of hero Metropolis needs. With his superior intellect, he feels he is the man to shape and guide the city into the future. Recent events led to Superman no longer being around; Lex declares himself the new Superman.

Warning: There will be spoilers for Action Comics #957 below.

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Superman recently had Kryptonite poisoning and sacrificed his life stopping a new foe. The world has seen Superman die. When some armored thugs create a hostage situation at a genetics research building, Lex uses this opportunity to make his debut. Using the weaponry in his advanced super-suit, he quickly takes out the captors and gives a long speech to reporters about working with Superman in the Justice League and being friends with him.

Little does Lex and the world know, the true Superman (from before the 2011 'New 52' reboot) is present in this world with his wife, Lois Lane, and son. This Superman knows what Lex's true intentions most likely are and decides he can no longer stay in the shadows. Putting on a version of his classic costume, he confronts Lex over his new declaration.

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Superman might be a little brash confronting Lex this way in front of everyone. He simply will not stand for any version of his old enemy masquerading as a hero, brandishing his S-shield.

The discussion continues, and Lex suggests they take the conversation elsewhere. Superman insists Lex take off the symbol and cape first. Lex refuses, and Superman decides to remove them himself.

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The super-suit has automated defenses. Superman's touch triggers them, and it leads to a big brawl in the streets and air. Lex does not believe this Superman is anything other than an impostor. Their fight causes a bit of damage, but it soon comes to a halt when they discover the real reason the armored men broke into the genetics research building. A new threat has been unleashed upon the city. This is Lex's chance to prove he really is trying to be a hero. The question is: Can he and Superman put aside their differences to save Metropolis? We'll have to wait and see.

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