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LBCC '09: Joshua Hale Fialkov Interview

Comic Vine talks to the creator of 'TUMOR'

Comic Vine talks to the creator of 'TUMOR'

There is certainly a good reason why Joshua Fialkov was nominated for a Harvey Award for ' Elk's Run,' he is an incredibly talented writer. I had the opportunity to talk to him about his latest project for Archaia, 'TUMOR,' a widely successful comic that is being released on the Amazon Kindle and has managed to beat 'Watchmen' as the highest selling graphic novel on Amazon. Fialkov is influenced by film noir and his book is dark, brooding, gritty and thought provoking; containing all the elements that make for a fantastic story. The book is expected to go to print next year, but if you do not have a Kindle and want to read it before then, you can do so on Josh's website for FREE. I hope that you take advantage and read the story, and can appreciate it as much as I have. Check out some of the panels from the first issue below.
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 Oh, and if you have ever wanted to see me screw up in an interview, watch this to the end. We left it in because frankly, it was pretty funny. Have a laugh at my expense!