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Laurence Fishburne is the New Perry White in Man of Steel

Great Caesar's ghost? Or is it more of a choice between red and blue pills?

Continuing its way of filling its cast out with some seriously respectable actors, THE MAN OF STEEL has brought Laurence Fishburne in for the role of Daily Planet head honcho, Perry White. And I say good. He already played a hero’s ball-busting, curmudgeonly boss in the last MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE movie, so it doesn’t take much imagination to picture him in this part. It may some more imagination, though, to imagine him exclaiming, “GREAT CAESAR’S GHOST!” in this darker, edgier take on Supes.

Mr. White has a new way of enforcing deadlines.
Mr. White has a new way of enforcing deadlines.

Deadline reveals that this signing coincides with him opting out of another season of CSI. The last actor to play White at the movies was, of course, Frank Langella in SUPERMAN RETURNS, so it feels like we’re seeing a new tradition established here where White’s played by character actors with some unavoidably memorable genre roles in their past. I couldn’t help but see Skeletor in the Daily Planet offices last time. This time, maybe I won’t be able to not see Morpheus or hear the Silver Surfer there.

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You’ll notice that I only bring up the characters Fishburne’s played in relation to this and not the fact that he happens to be an African-American actor. That’s because it should be a non-issue, just like it was with the casting of Nick Fury, Alicia Masters, Heimdall and the Kingpin. However, this announcement comes at almost the same time as the one about the identity of the new Ultimate Spider-Man and I feel the occasion warrants my commenting that the backlash against Miles Morales has to be the most knee-jerk, moronic hysteria I've seen in comics in a long time. It makes me embarrassed to be a fan.

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