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Lauren Shuler Donner Talks X-Men Movies

What can we expect and what is just rumor?

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Last week it looked like the actor that played Cyclops in X-Men Origins: Wolverine let it slip that he was going to start filming X-Men First Class next February.  Then the actor revealed that he was the victim of a prank, someone managed to post that tweet on his account.  Slash Film recently attended an event for the Blu-ray for Wolverine and addressed the issue.  She confirmed that there is no truth to the rumor that First Class would begin in February.  She did confirm that while no actors have signed on to be in the film, the kid actors in Wolverine had signed options for future films.
It's unclear when First Class would begin production and Donner mentioned that she has several other ideas for mutant films.  One that she mentioned was "X4" which would bring back the main cast once again.  X4 has yet to be pitched to the studio but it would seem likely that FOX would want to continue making X-Men films in order to keep the license.  The other film she mentioned was doing The New Mutants.
It looks like we could expect quite a few X-movies in the future.  We still have Magneto Origins, Deadpool and Wolverine 2 that could happen someday.  What are your thoughts on an X4 movie and The New Mutants being added to that list?  Should they try to focus on doing one movie at a time or do they have the resources to work on several at once?  That could make it easier to have cameos included if filming for the different movies take place close by each other.  Do you think X4 could work or should they just focus on rebooting?  Do you think New Mutants would be different enough from an X-Men First Class movie?