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Kid Reviews: L'il G-Girl's Reviews For 12/6/09

How do these "kid" comics rate from an actual kid?

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Hi everyone, I'm back again.  Me and my dad, G-Man, read some more comics this week.  He told me that you guys really liked my reviews so here's some more we did.  
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First we read X-Babies #1, 2 and 3.  This review is for X-Babies #3.  I really really like the cover.  Daddy says it's drawn by the same man that draws the Wizard of Oz comics.  The little Wolverine is so cute. 
I thought it was funny the way Rogue talked.  When my dad read her parts, he said he was making her talk from the South.  There was this cute dog named Top Dog.  Dad says he had his own comic before but never read it.  He's really smart and has funny things in his backpack like toothpaste and a Pez thing.  
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It's also really funny when Wolverine keeps saying "Snikt" before making his claws come out.  He seems a little grumpy sometimes since he's always fighting with Cyclops but he still looks cute.
I didn't like the other little X-Babies that were fighting the real X-Babies.  They were kinda mean.  I really want to read the next issue.  I like saying the word my dad uses, "Sniktitude."  I don't think mom really likes me yelling it.  I give this comic a 5 out of 5 because it was really cool and funny. 
Words I Learned:  counterfeit, benevolently, sovereign, protocol.  
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Next we read Donald Duck And Friends #348.  It's cool because Donald Duck is a secret agent.  He found out in the last issue that he was one.  I really liked the way the colors look here.  They look really nice.  I didn't like when Donald was holding a really big gun but it's okay 'cause he doesn't really use it.  It just looks a little strange.  It's also really pretty in Duckberg Park.  There's lots of trees and grass.
I was a little confused when they said Daisy Duck's name.  Daddy told me that she doesn't know Donald's a secret agent but I thought she had superpowers.  Daddy explained that that was only in another comic book story [ Walt Disney Comics And Stories #700].  I also wondered how Donald could be a real duck, and a secret agent and a superhero and a sorcerer [ Mickey Mouse And Friends #297].  Dad just says they're different stories and not the same.     
This comic gets a 4 out of 5.  It was good and pretty but I want to see more of Donald's friends. 
Words I Learned: instinct, classified, enlightening, jurisdiction, astute, mercenary, encrypted, analytic, recon.  
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The last one we read was Looney Tunes #181.  I sometimes get to watch them on TV.  
It was good that there was four stories here but one was really short.  Only two pages!  I liked the bumbebees from the bumblebee planet.  There were so cute.
I didn't like all the commercials.  Dad calls them "ads."  The Donald Duck comic didn't have any until the end.  It was cool that we had a lot of space stories with Duck Dodgers.  Daffy is really silly sometimes and Marvin the Martian is funny.  The stories were almost as good as the cartoons but a little less funny.
I only give this one a 3.5 out of 5.     
Words I Learned: duplication, sweat shop, résumé, campaign, bribery, annihilation, reconstitute, incapacitate, caterwauling. 
Maybe I'll do some more of these next week.  Bye everybody!