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Kid Review: Tiny Titans #27

Awwww yeah!

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Tiny Titans! This is one of my favorite comics. Me and my dad have been watching the Teen Titans cartoon but this is different. 
What I Liked: I really liked the cover. It's funny that the big guy is pushing the baby in the purple stroller and Raven is yelling "Dad!" It's neat on the first page they show all the people and the Teen Titans' heads are are close to each other. Raven's dad kept calling Kid Devil a baby and it was funny when he got his fingers bit. The bats were cute here but not as cute as the bunnies from before. I liked when Raven's dad's bacon sandwich got burned because people shouldn't eat bacon. 
One part was weird when the words on Raven's dad apron changed. It was really funny when he started cooking over Kid Devil's head.
What I Didn't Like: I wanted to see more Tiny Titans. We never get to see much of Bumbleebee. She looks so cute because she's so small. I also want to see the bunnies again.
Words I Learned: There weren't really any new words for me here. The only ones were Azarath, Metrion and Zinthos. Those were magic words Raven used. Dad said they're not really real.
Tiny Titans always makes me laugh. I gave this a 4.5 out of 5. I want to see more Tiny Titans!