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Kickstarter Alert: Greg Pak and Jonathan Coulton Team Up on CODE MONKEY SAVE WORLD

Check out what happens when the comic writer joins forces with the musician and artist Takeshi Miyazawa.

Comic book readers often get comfortable in their reading habits. We tend to read the same titles each month. We get used to seeing the same comics on the shelves each week. With Kickstarter, creators get the opportunity to try to get their own creations out to the world without relying on the major publishers.

While Kickstarter is often used by creators trying to get their first projects funded, even the pros turn to Kickstarter from time to time to try to make their solo books happen. Comic readers are familiar with Greg Pak and he just announced a new project: CODE MONKEY SAVE WORLD.

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Having Pak's name attached should be reason enough to capture your interest but the addition of a monkey should be the clincher. If not, there is more information.

CODE MONKEY SAVE WORLD is a graphic novel based on the songs of Jonathan Coulton. Together they will give life to characters, monsters and super-villains from songs like "Code Monkey," "Skullcrusher Mountain," "The Future Soon" and "Re: Your Brains." Code Monkey will fighting robots, office worker zombies and more.

How did this come about?

Last November Pak joked on Twitter about writing a comic featuring Coulton's characters. Coulton responded "DO IT" and the project was born.

Takeshi Miyazawa (RUNAWAYS) will handle the pencils and inks with Jessica Kholinne doing the colors and Simon Bowland doing the lettering.

The project's aim is for a 60 page graphic novel released digitally in four parts through Monkeybrain Comics and comiXology.

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Want more info?

Head on over to the Kickstarter page to see how you can contribute to make this happen. Depending on the amount you contribute, by backing the project, you're essentially pre-ordering the book. There are also some really cool incentives if you can contribute even more to ensure this project happens.