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Kickstarter Alert: Don McGregor and Trevor Von Eeden's SABRE

Scott Lobdell goes insane for SABRE, THE EARLY YEARS!

When I was a wee lad growing up in Upstate New York there used to be a series of purty bad commercials for an electronics store called Crazy Eddies! (Click HERE to see the magic).

His slogan was "Prices so low he's practically giving them away!"

That's the expression that pops in my head when I heard about the new last minute incentives Don McGregor and Trevor Von Eeden have added to their SABRE graphic novel!

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For the last five days, they are GIVING AWAY a digital copy of the original GN from 1978 AND the new Sabre: Early Future Years vol 1. from 2013 for anyone pledging five dollars or more!

That's crazy! But I'll tell you why you're crazier if you don't take advantage of it:

Don McGregor, aside from being an awesome guy, a great dad, and an excellent writer of everything from BLACK PANTHER to KILLRAVEN (and more comics than I can count in between!) is one of the pioneers of creator owned properties.

Imagine a world without THE WALKING DEAD, SAGA or CHEW (I shutter!).... Doug was one of the founding fathers of the movement of creators away from the safety net of bigger companies. He helped lead writers and artists to bet on their own talent and what they knew was an audience's hunger for more than super-hero comics!

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Just think, when you pledge to SABRE, THE FUTURE EARLY YEARS ( you not only get these awesome perks, you get the joy in knowing your continuing an honored tradition of supporting comic creators working to bring their stories directly to you -- something of which Kickstarter is only the most recent (and direct!) way!

And don't even get me started on the gorgeous art by Trevor Von Eeden! (To this day I can't even look at his work without being transported back to the days of THRILLER -- the comic, not the song.) Sure you might know him as the artist on DC's first ever ongoing comic about a black super hero, BLACK LIGHTNING -- and looking at his pages on this labor of love it is clear he's only gotten even more amazing over the years.

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Why aren't I plugging the character and the story itself? Because the few people on Earth who don't know about Don's storied SABRE epic can click of the link above and get all that info!

I'm just here to tell you if don't take advantage of this home-stretch offer... you are, as my idol used to say... INSANE!

Scott Lobdell is the current writer for SUPERMAN and TEEN TITANS. It's possible he may have actually been lovingly called insane before when exposed to high temperatures after his air conditioner was on the fritz.