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Justice League movie set for 2015

Warner Bros. is looking to compete with Marvel Studios as it allegedly sets a release date very close to Marvel's The Avengers 2.

Rejoice, DC fans!  It looks like Warner Bros is finally picking up the pace with the Justice League movie.  According to the LA Times, a "knowledgeable person not authorized to discuss the matter publicly" has disregarded that title and provided brand new information about the hugely anticipated comic book movie. 
Warner Bros is looking to shoot the film next year and aims for a summer 2015 release.  They allegedly have a script being worked on and once it's finished they'll focus on finding a director and who to cast for the lead roles.  That's going to be a huge year for CBMs since Marvel's The Avengers 2 will hit theaters May 2015.   Begun, the fanboy wars has! 

Who do you want in the roster?
Who do you want in the roster?
It's clear the biggest names will appear, but what about the rest of the Justice League?  Sure, the general audience know of Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman, but not many know about them.  Warner Bros is taking a big risk here by doing the opposite of Marvel Studios' release strategy.  Then again, perhaps this will be better for WB because it'll give the audience a chance to fall in love with these characters, thus boosting interest in potential solo films for each hero.   
That said, It's unclear who else will round off the roster (Cyborg?  Martian Manhunter?  Green Lantern? Will Aquaman even make the cut?!).  I wouldn't be surprised if they decide to use the primary roster from The New 52, but who do you want on the team?  And finally, no team-up movie would be complete without a villain.  Do we all agree it's safe to assume Darkseid will be the big bad?


Source: LA Times