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JUSTICE LEAGUE #0 Variant Covers Revealed

The zero issue will feature less League members and more Shazam!

One of the questions I originally had was how could there really be a zero issue for JUSTICE LEAGUE when they weren't even a team until a few issues into the series? We couldn't really have flashbacks to each member since that's what's happening in their own titles.

If you've read the solicit, you already know the answer. JUSTICE LEAGUE #0 will focus on the Power of Shazam as well as feature the origin of Pandora, which leads into the 'Trinity War.'

DC has revealed the variant covers to the issue today on their blog by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado.

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I sure am super excited for this. I've been digging the Shazam back ups and, of course, wish they were longer. I can't wait to see more on Billy Batson and Shazam.

Check out the black-and-white variant as well.

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JUSTICE LEAGUE #0 is on sale September 19, 2012.