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J.T. Krul Talks About the Future of Green Arrow in the 'New 52"

"Right out of the gate, it's important to establish Green Arrow and his immediate world."

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September is almost here. That means DC's "The New 52" will be upon us and all our questions will be answered. At least most of them. From the information we've seen in the solicits and past interviews, we know some things will stay the same while others will have little changes or tweaks.

J.T. Krul has been writing Green Arrow before and will continue to do so. Who will Green Arrow be in this updated DC Universe? We asked J.T. what we can expect with this new Green Arrow.

Comic Vine: Will we see those close to Ollie appear (Black Canary, Roy Harper, Speedy)?

J.T. Krul: Ollie definitely has a lot of history with the likes of Black Canary and Roy Harper, and while we'll definitely touch upon that, the book will quickly be establishing the status quo for Oliver Queen/Green Arrow and introducing us to some supporting characters within the book

In his ever-growing mission as Green Arrow, Oliver has enlisted a few people to help him behind the scenes - a different kind of "Team Arrow" if you will that falls in line with the James Bond/Mission Impossible vibe of the book. Naomi is his communications eye-in-the-sky, while a guy named Jax helps design the perfect tools for his battles in the streets.

Oliver Queen is also taking full advantage of his role within Queen Industries to develop his own division called Q-Core, something of an Apple for the DCUniverse. Sure, they've created the Q-Phone and Q-Pad, but they delve into areas beyond personal electronics and computers, doing everything they can to built a better tomorrow for the world.

== TEASER ==

CV: Does the public know Green Arrow's identity?

JTK: No. In getting back to the core of the character, and returning to a somewhat earlier time in Green Arrow's career, his secret identity is in place. It's a great dynamic as Oliver struggles to run his Q-Core division and have something resembling a life, all while having quite the moonlighting job as Green Arrow - especially now that there is a such a global scope to his adventures.

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CV: Will Ollie continue using just a bow and arrow or will he try out other weapons as well?

JTK: Archery is still his specialty, and his advance arrows will continue to be a valuable resource, but Green Arrow isn't stupid. He knows there are lots of vital tools he could use in his arsenal that don't necessarily fit on the end of an arrow. He's not that rigid in his thinking, but there's a also a very real philosophy for why he sticks with the bow and arrows. He's not a fan of guns.

CV: What about Ollie's friendship with Hal Jordan? Will we see an appearance?

JTK: Right out of the gate, it's important to establish Green Arrow and his immediate world - give a sense of what his journey will be. So, you might not see Hal Jordan in Issue #2, but I love the dynamic of their friendship and it would definitely be something I'd visit at some point.

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CV: Does Ollie ever have the desire to wear something other than green?

JTK: Green is certainly his color of choice, but with all the crazy situations and threats he'll be facing, I wouldn't rule out an occasional switch in aesthetics when it comes to his costume.

CV: What's the deal with his "team at QCore"?

JTK: Like I said, Q-Core is Oliver's corner of the larger Queen Industries empire. It's a got a bit of an Apple feel to it, pushing the boundaries in technology, but Oliver isn't simply interested in creating the next gadget or app for mass consumption. He sees Q-Core as a means to develop the technology and resources that will usher in a new age for the world. He's trying to make the world a better place - specifically within large urban areas.

CV: Is Star City still his home or is Ollie just going to travel the world?

JTK: While Green Arrow's adventures will see him in locales around the world, he definitely still has a hometown - which will actually be Seattle. I really wanted to get Oliver back into the true Emerald City and give the book that added sense of realism.

Green Arrow #1 is on sale September 7. Written by J.T. Krul with art by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund.

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Avatar image for longbowhunter
Posted By longbowhunter

I'm really not feeling this at all. The look, QCore thing, the writer. I'm sorry to say this is one GA story I have to sit out. I'm pro Seattle though. Ollie and Dinah held residence there in the 80's during Mike Grell's run.
Avatar image for praetor_fenix
Posted By Praetor_fenix

So he'll be dc's tony stark... i'll probably pick up the first few issues, but it does not seem promissing.

Avatar image for ahgunsillyo
Posted By ahgunsillyo
@longbowhunter said:
I'm pro Seattle though. Ollie and Dinah held residence there in the 80's during Mike Grell's run.
The latter sentence here is correct (and rather fitting, considering the username).  For those who don't know, Green Arrow operating out of Seattle, while slightly unexpected for the reboot/redesign/whatever DC wants to call it, isn't unprecedented.  Like longbowhunter said, Mike Grell's Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters took place in Seattle.
Avatar image for bransonhuggins
Posted By BransonHuggins
@spaceboy: I completely agree.  They are turning him into a straight up Tony Stark clone.  QCore or whatever, seriously?  May as well call it Stark Tech at this point.  I mean they could do so many other things with this character.  But I guess that super heroes that aren't filthy rich aren't popular.  This I will not be reading. 
Avatar image for evercharmer
Edited By evercharmer

I really don't like Krul, he can't write and I'm not sure why he gets work. I also don't get this insistence to put the comics more in-step with the real world, this lack of 'realism' is the whole reason I enjoy reading DC comics while Marvel not so much.
But seriously, no Star City? Whoever thought that up is a moron (I'll give Krul the benefit of the doubt because I know some calls come from higher up). 
Also, he either has an extremely idealized concept of Apple or this new Ollie has no redeeming qualities whatsoever, in which case he isn't worth reading about anyways. I'm leaning towards the idealized concept, though, because anyone who thinks Apple actually innovates doesn't know much about their products in comparison to what everyone else is putting out.

Avatar image for greenk
Posted By greenk
@markga said:
Clearly this version of GA is inspired of Smallville's so why creating a chracter pictured as his "eye in the sky" and sidekick and naming her Naomi instead of Chloe Sullivan? She's done the same things in Smallville so why here creating another character for this? And if I remember Star City is located in California and Seattle in Washington state and Star City has always been his hometown so why changing now with Seattle? Looking for a more realistic side? 
Clearly it is, we all can see that.  But why is it a problem for DC to take ideas from Smallville, a show they have helped to get of the ground and helped during its run. It might as well be their own show, in a way it is, without DC they would be no Smallville. I don't get it why you are blowing this out of proportion.  You haven't even met Naomi yet here you are already judging her for something you are not fully informed on.  Just cause she sound similar to someone you know, is that even the whole story.  Last time I checked Hawkeye is  not GA. 
EYE IN THE SKY is a very popular term that is used a lot, when people talk of watchtower, satellites and etc  like that. Its very popular  phrase,  its not a smallville wonder phrase that came out of nowhere and only refers to Chloe only.  Talk about double standards, the Watchtower eye in the sky  idea is DC's  original creation introduced by JJ 97' , but here you act like its always been Chloe Sullivan, she is the one who debuted the role, really?, never mind the fact that not so long ago she was a mini Lois Lane, so it was OK for her to have her own new name, but it is not here.   To add on to that Naomi is working for Qcore Industries and not Justice League  as Watchtower, how is  that even the same thing.  Mia and Roy were GA sidekicks before Chloe ever existed, did you plead on their behalf, when smallville was on, and Chloe was actibng like superman filling in the roles for "everyone" in the comics, I don't think so. The DOUBLE STANDARDNESS baffles me.  
Avatar image for feralweasel
Posted By Feralweasel

As much as I love the fact the Ollie will be in my home of Seattle, I also hate the idea. Ollie should be in Star City, that's where he belongs. I wasn't as disappointed with #1 as most were, but maybe I am being overly optimistic. I really hope the Seattle thing works out.

Oh yeah, take off the goggles, put on his green mask and give him his goddamn beard back.

Avatar image for soccersss
Posted By soccersss

I dont mind green arrow having a james bond feel to it but  WTH did you turn him into his smallville version plus wth doesn't he makes his own weapons. I can get used to Naomi tho. WHY GET RID OF STAR CITY? :(  I'm so glad J.T Krul only has about 1-3 issues of Green Arrow left. Hes done enough damage to my fave DC character
I hope Artemis or Mia or Roy get introduced in this series soon as they would only make Green Arrow better.

Avatar image for greenk
Edited By greenk

Black Canary is in town in Green Arrow #3.

This is the only reason I will be picking up the last book of this arc, hate the villains so much and GA fights with them are just so lame. I love Seattle, and i'm just happy he is back in the city. Permanent or not, its cool with me, the city suit Green Arrow very well, star city was awesome too.

Avatar image for captaincockblock
Posted By CaptainCockblock

So glad Nocenti is taking over this series. I liked Into the Woods, but this new interpretation by J.T. just. Freakin'. Sucks.

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