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J.T. Krul Talks About the Future of Green Arrow in the 'New 52"

"Right out of the gate, it's important to establish Green Arrow and his immediate world."

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September is almost here. That means DC's "The New 52" will be upon us and all our questions will be answered. At least most of them. From the information we've seen in the solicits and past interviews, we know some things will stay the same while others will have little changes or tweaks.

J.T. Krul has been writing Green Arrow before and will continue to do so. Who will Green Arrow be in this updated DC Universe? We asked J.T. what we can expect with this new Green Arrow.

Comic Vine: Will we see those close to Ollie appear (Black Canary, Roy Harper, Speedy)?

J.T. Krul: Ollie definitely has a lot of history with the likes of Black Canary and Roy Harper, and while we'll definitely touch upon that, the book will quickly be establishing the status quo for Oliver Queen/Green Arrow and introducing us to some supporting characters within the book

In his ever-growing mission as Green Arrow, Oliver has enlisted a few people to help him behind the scenes - a different kind of "Team Arrow" if you will that falls in line with the James Bond/Mission Impossible vibe of the book. Naomi is his communications eye-in-the-sky, while a guy named Jax helps design the perfect tools for his battles in the streets.

Oliver Queen is also taking full advantage of his role within Queen Industries to develop his own division called Q-Core, something of an Apple for the DCUniverse. Sure, they've created the Q-Phone and Q-Pad, but they delve into areas beyond personal electronics and computers, doing everything they can to built a better tomorrow for the world.

== TEASER ==

CV: Does the public know Green Arrow's identity?

JTK: No. In getting back to the core of the character, and returning to a somewhat earlier time in Green Arrow's career, his secret identity is in place. It's a great dynamic as Oliver struggles to run his Q-Core division and have something resembling a life, all while having quite the moonlighting job as Green Arrow - especially now that there is a such a global scope to his adventures.

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CV: Will Ollie continue using just a bow and arrow or will he try out other weapons as well?

JTK: Archery is still his specialty, and his advance arrows will continue to be a valuable resource, but Green Arrow isn't stupid. He knows there are lots of vital tools he could use in his arsenal that don't necessarily fit on the end of an arrow. He's not that rigid in his thinking, but there's a also a very real philosophy for why he sticks with the bow and arrows. He's not a fan of guns.

CV: What about Ollie's friendship with Hal Jordan? Will we see an appearance?

JTK: Right out of the gate, it's important to establish Green Arrow and his immediate world - give a sense of what his journey will be. So, you might not see Hal Jordan in Issue #2, but I love the dynamic of their friendship and it would definitely be something I'd visit at some point.

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CV: Does Ollie ever have the desire to wear something other than green?

JTK: Green is certainly his color of choice, but with all the crazy situations and threats he'll be facing, I wouldn't rule out an occasional switch in aesthetics when it comes to his costume.

CV: What's the deal with his "team at QCore"?

JTK: Like I said, Q-Core is Oliver's corner of the larger Queen Industries empire. It's a got a bit of an Apple feel to it, pushing the boundaries in technology, but Oliver isn't simply interested in creating the next gadget or app for mass consumption. He sees Q-Core as a means to develop the technology and resources that will usher in a new age for the world. He's trying to make the world a better place - specifically within large urban areas.

CV: Is Star City still his home or is Ollie just going to travel the world?

JTK: While Green Arrow's adventures will see him in locales around the world, he definitely still has a hometown - which will actually be Seattle. I really wanted to get Oliver back into the true Emerald City and give the book that added sense of realism.

Green Arrow #1 is on sale September 7. Written by J.T. Krul with art by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund.


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I really hope we see a Green Lantern/Green Arrow crossover soon in the DCnU. The Captain Atom #3 cover made me happy as f*ck

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Posted By Dirty__1

Why do the first and last pics remind me of something from Smallville?

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Posted By ReVamp
@doordoor123 said:
WTF's up with this?
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Posted By Jonny_Anonymous

No Star City? hm I'm not sure how I feel about that. I will still pick it up but it's not really the direction I would have liked them to go with GA. I was kind of hoping they would have him go minimalist no no gadgets and no trick arrows and I wanted him to be more political and kind of an anti hero taking down corrupt business men that the law cant touch "taking from the rich and giving to the poor"

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Maybe Star City is in seattle?

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i still think that his "new" look, without the goatee is just him in the past, probably an origins story, because he is sporting his normal goatee and mustache on the cover of issue #1  i just hope they don't make him too much like Tony Stark like he was in his Flashpoint Series

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I reeeeally like his mutton chops.

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I don't read Green Arrow, probably I will take my chance with this revamp.

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Posted By teoP_ehT

hmm...could be interesting...will watch this series...

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I hope we see Mia Dearden again during this series. 

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@teoP_ehT said:
hmm...could be interesting...will watch this series...
do you mean read?
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@haydenclaireheroes said:
I hope we see Mia Dearden again during this series. 
Totally agreed 
And Seattle?? Come on...That's like Batman going to NYC and Superman to Washington D.C. 
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I don't like this technological aspect that Krul is working on here.   There was once upon a time that Ollie had an Arrowplane and an Arrowcave.   That version of Ollie wasn't all that interesting and in my opinion this is straying too far from the Robin Hood vibe.   It's like when they gave Daredevil an Adamantium armored costume to make him more hardcore.

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interesting to see how much his relationship with Canary/Roy change/stay in tact....weird that he wont be based in Star City...

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Looking forward to seeing what develops in September. I like the idea of setting Green Arrow in Seattle to bring realism. I've always enjoyed how Marvel often uses real cities like New York as the setting for their books.

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Wow I can't believe they're getting rid of Star City. Seattle is an interesting choice of location for him (not just cuz I live there) but Black Canary moved there temporarily a long time ago so he sort of has a little history with the city.  
I hope JT Krul and the artist incorporate a lot of the Seattle area into the story

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So... 100% bS? 
Will this be the first of the new 52 cut?

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premis sounds good. Confidence in this series is growing. But all i gotta say in opposition is Seattle? for realism? We're in a world where people can fly, shoot lazers out of their eyes and run faster than a speeding bullet, and the way they want to settle this world into reality is to put Green Arrow in Seattle? 
and there had still better be a green boxing glove arrow in that quiver of his :P

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Looking forward to this.

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Star City gone... I'm not mad, actually. Here's hoping he can introduce Black Arrow in this volume.

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I think it sounds good. I am torn. I love the idea of a fresh start, but i have so much invested in the old storyline. But, I am an old long time reader and this might help get a new generation onboard without all the back history. Rambling, but I look forward to the series. 

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@elayem98 said:
@teoP_ehT said:
hmm...could be interesting...will watch this series...
do you mean read?
I meant "will watch out for this series" but left out a few words accidntly...
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This is one of the 52 I will pick up, I hope to hell it's good!

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Where is his mutha effin sword?! :)

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Never gotten into Green Arrow, but I totally dig archery. The revamp is exactly what I need as I know absolutely NOTHING about the guy.

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I'll be snagging this one...It's one of my wife's favorites.
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he needs a real city and thank God its not New York for the ZILLIONTH time!!! 

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im not too keen on his new design but unlike harley quinns im gonna give it and the new series the best of chances

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@teoP_ehT said:
@elayem98 said:
@teoP_ehT said:
hmm...could be interesting...will watch this series...
do you mean read?
I meant "will watch out for this series" but left out a few words accidntly...
gotcha, sorry
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Smelling a lot of Smallville in this stuff; but as a huge fan of Green Arrow, I shall give it a shot.  Not sold on the direction though, sounds to much like a TV show pilot script, and not much like a comic pitch.

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Well at least the public's knowledge of his identity is nonexistent once more. Everything else sounds fine though...except Seattle.  Why coffeetown?  I don't understand it.  Realism the reason?  That doesn't seem a satisfactory answer to me.  Still, excellent book that will be coming out!

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Sounds pretty cool. I may pick up the first issue to see if I like it. Interesting indeed that they're dropping Star City in favor of Seattle. Seems like a Marvel approach with the real cities and all but I guess that's were the comparison ends.

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That first picture is a big fish hook with a bait shaped like "Smallville" on it.

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With this revamp, DC kills the spirit of the iconic superheroes all time. Green Arrow looks like a young surfer

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He doesn't look right without his trademark facial hair.

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I gotta say... I'm really digging those googles, sideburns and that new costume:D

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Posted By Eyz

Back to Seattle it is!
Well, not 100% sure of this one, but we'll check Arsena...I mean Green Arrow book in due time :P

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krul's work is really hit n miss with me. i'm a huge green arrow fan though so i hope they nail it. ima miss the old ollie though 

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Posted By BuNKiTZ

First they take the stache away and now Star City!? WHAT THE EFF DC!? DX

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Posted By spaceboy

Ollie is just a bottle away from being Tony Stark with a bow.

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Posted By Sammo21

Did Green Arrow get styling and facial hair tips from Wolverine?

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I really wanted to know what was up with "The Queen" taking over the company, but I guess I never will. Just wish storytellers wouldn't rewind a character whenever they feel like it. 
Also, where the f*ck is the GOATEE?!

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@spaceboy said:
Ollie is just a bottle away from being Tony Stark with a bow.  

Did Green Arrow get styling and facial hair tips from Wolverine?

 Exactly how i saw it fellas, DC is coping MARVEL, you can add hawkeye to the list too . And for those saying ummm where have I seen this look before? or the costume  reminds you of smallville, you are not seeing things, the costume is from smallville and the young look, keep up, DC said so in many interviews
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so is the goal of the artist here to try to make everyone think of the fact that green arrow was on smallville, as opposed to killing a guy and being on the run?

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Clearly this version of GA is inspired of Smallville's so why creating a chracter pictured as his "eye in the sky" and sidekick and naming her Naomi instead of Chloe Sullivan? She's done the same things in Smallville so why here creating another character for this? 
And if I remember Star City is located in California and Seattle in Washington state and Star City has always been his hometown so why changing now with Seattle? Looking for a more realistic side? 

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Posted By IamKryptonite

I don't see why it's such an issue that his costume looks like the one he wears from Smallville. He still looks rad. The most disappointing thing about this is, he's missing his trademark facial hair. He had a unique look goin with the mustache and beard.  I have to assume they will put that back in at some point.

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September 7th Folks!!

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