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J.T. Krul Talks About the Future of Green Arrow in the 'New 52"

"Right out of the gate, it's important to establish Green Arrow and his immediate world."

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September is almost here. That means DC's "The New 52" will be upon us and all our questions will be answered. At least most of them. From the information we've seen in the solicits and past interviews, we know some things will stay the same while others will have little changes or tweaks.

J.T. Krul has been writing Green Arrow before and will continue to do so. Who will Green Arrow be in this updated DC Universe? We asked J.T. what we can expect with this new Green Arrow.

Comic Vine: Will we see those close to Ollie appear (Black Canary, Roy Harper, Speedy)?

J.T. Krul: Ollie definitely has a lot of history with the likes of Black Canary and Roy Harper, and while we'll definitely touch upon that, the book will quickly be establishing the status quo for Oliver Queen/Green Arrow and introducing us to some supporting characters within the book

In his ever-growing mission as Green Arrow, Oliver has enlisted a few people to help him behind the scenes - a different kind of "Team Arrow" if you will that falls in line with the James Bond/Mission Impossible vibe of the book. Naomi is his communications eye-in-the-sky, while a guy named Jax helps design the perfect tools for his battles in the streets.

Oliver Queen is also taking full advantage of his role within Queen Industries to develop his own division called Q-Core, something of an Apple for the DCUniverse. Sure, they've created the Q-Phone and Q-Pad, but they delve into areas beyond personal electronics and computers, doing everything they can to built a better tomorrow for the world.

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CV: Does the public know Green Arrow's identity?

JTK: No. In getting back to the core of the character, and returning to a somewhat earlier time in Green Arrow's career, his secret identity is in place. It's a great dynamic as Oliver struggles to run his Q-Core division and have something resembling a life, all while having quite the moonlighting job as Green Arrow - especially now that there is a such a global scope to his adventures.

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CV: Will Ollie continue using just a bow and arrow or will he try out other weapons as well?

JTK: Archery is still his specialty, and his advance arrows will continue to be a valuable resource, but Green Arrow isn't stupid. He knows there are lots of vital tools he could use in his arsenal that don't necessarily fit on the end of an arrow. He's not that rigid in his thinking, but there's a also a very real philosophy for why he sticks with the bow and arrows. He's not a fan of guns.

CV: What about Ollie's friendship with Hal Jordan? Will we see an appearance?

JTK: Right out of the gate, it's important to establish Green Arrow and his immediate world - give a sense of what his journey will be. So, you might not see Hal Jordan in Issue #2, but I love the dynamic of their friendship and it would definitely be something I'd visit at some point.

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CV: Does Ollie ever have the desire to wear something other than green?

JTK: Green is certainly his color of choice, but with all the crazy situations and threats he'll be facing, I wouldn't rule out an occasional switch in aesthetics when it comes to his costume.

CV: What's the deal with his "team at QCore"?

JTK: Like I said, Q-Core is Oliver's corner of the larger Queen Industries empire. It's a got a bit of an Apple feel to it, pushing the boundaries in technology, but Oliver isn't simply interested in creating the next gadget or app for mass consumption. He sees Q-Core as a means to develop the technology and resources that will usher in a new age for the world. He's trying to make the world a better place - specifically within large urban areas.

CV: Is Star City still his home or is Ollie just going to travel the world?

JTK: While Green Arrow's adventures will see him in locales around the world, he definitely still has a hometown - which will actually be Seattle. I really wanted to get Oliver back into the true Emerald City and give the book that added sense of realism.

Green Arrow #1 is on sale September 7. Written by J.T. Krul with art by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund.