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Join "The Recharger" Movement!

Help Jimmy Fallon make his Comic Book dreams a reality!


Join "The Recharger" Movement!

Help Jimmy Fallon Make His Comic Book Dreams A Reality!

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Yesterday, we posted about Jimmy Fallon's attempt to get his comic, Recharger, "green-lighted" at Comic Con. We actually think there is some juice in having a real Recharger comic published (no pun intended). We think the world could use an energy efficient, ultra sexy superhero like him! Plus, it's not safe for a girl to be out late at night with a dead cell phone, which is why I could definitely use " The Recharger"! So now we're asking you, the Comic Vine Community, to step up to get his comic made! Heck, if Colbert can have his Tek Jansen, why can't Fallon get his "Recharger"? Let's get Jim Lee to draw him! If Jim Lee can draw Tyrese for "Mayhem," then he should be able to draw "Recharger" for Jimmy Fallon!

So here's how you can help. Vote!!! We've created special battles for Recharger where you can vote him up the top to prove to publishers he's definitely comic (dare we!?) worthy. So here's your categories: Its Battle Time! Vote for "The Recharger"

Male Attractiveness
Energy Manipulation

We're actually considering a new power just for Recharger called "Energy Efficient". Wasn't that a solar panel on that man's groin? (It was, right?)
Got more ideas on how we can get Recharger made? Let us know in the forums!