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Joe Kubert RIP (1926-2012)

Sad news.

I hate doing these sort of write ups. Comics legend, Joe Kubert, dead at 85.

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He was an amazing man. He's contributed so much to the industry, including opening up the Kubert School in New Jersey in 1976. Take a look at all the issues he worked on here. He will be missed. We would like to share our condolences to the Kubert family and friends.


Statement from DC Entertainment.

We are saddened to learn of the death of our colleague and friend Joe Kubert. An absolute legend in the industry, his legacy will live on through his remarkable talent, with his sons and with the many artists who have passed through the storied halls of his celebrated school. An important member of the DC Comics family, Joe made an indelible mark on the entire DC Comics universe including his renowned and award-winning work on iconic characters such as Sgt. Rock, Enemy Ace, Hawkman and most recently Nite Owl. We are so honored to have worked side-by-side with such an unforgettable force in both comics and in life.

- DC Entertainment Executive Team