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Jim Lee Addresses DC's Digital Move

DC Comics Co-Publisher reveals his thoughts on DC's move to digital and more

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Late Tuesday last night DC Comics quietly released their iPhone app on iTunes and we incidentally caught wind of the big news shortly after the release. 
Now, it is official. DC Comics has made the move to digital by teaming up with Comixology to release a comic reader iPhone/iPad app on iTunes. DC Source released the official word on the big move early this morning, and Comicvine caught up with DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee to find out what his thoughts are on the decision to go digital, as well as the reason behind the very quiet release.

Because of the way Apple times the uploads of their new apps, we knew there was a good chance the DC app and our titles would be available late last night prior to our official announcement today. Because our titles were pre-loaded into the initial DC app, both the app and the titles appeared early in the app store. Going forward, we will have direct control over the release times of our digital titles.

That said, it's been especially gratifying for DC and the scores of employees who have put in many, many long hours to make this digital program a reality to see the extremely positive reception thus far online.  In fact, I couldn't sleep and spent most of the night drawing and periodically checking various comics sites as the news filtered out. It wasn't hard to notice a very tangible sense of excitement on many blogs and on twitter not just about the arrival of the app itself but the variety of titles DC had to offer. We plan on continuing to pleasantly surprise the fans as we add to our slate going forward!

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If you are still not convinced that the release of comics on a digital platform is indeed a fantastic way for DC to branch out to readers both new and old alike, DC Comics will be releasing a ten page preview of Superman issue #700 on their app today in celebration of the release. Additionally, by downloading the DC Comics app, readers will be able to read their downloaded DC titles on all Comixology platforms. 

Once readers download an issue, they will be able to read it on all DC Comics-branded Comics by comiXology-supported platforms,” said David Steinberger, CEO of comiXology. “DC’s taking a bold approach to platform convergence, and we’re thrilled to be their solution of choice.”

For fans who remain unconvinced by the digital idea, this is a fantastic way for them to test it out themselves for free. Another great thing about this app is the Retailer Affiliate program which will invest revenue from the digital comics "back to and on behalf of comic book retailers. It is nice to know they have not forgotten about the local comic shops! Do you think that DC's quiet reveal of their digital app was a good move? Do you feel differently now about the new app considering the Retailer Affiliate program? Will you be testing out the new reader?