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Jason Momoa's Aquaman Costume Revealed


Love or hate Man of Steel -- and we all know just how polarizing that movie can be -- it's tough not to get at least a little excited for director Zack Snyder's follow-up, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Not only is this the first time the two iconic characters will appear together on the big screen, but it's also going to be the movie that takes big steps to expand the DC Cinematic Universe and tease or possibly even form the Justice League. We know Aquaman's going to have some kind of role in it. How extensive? That obviously hasn't been revealed yet. But you know what has been revealed? His costume design! Snyder took to Twitter very late last night (like, 12:55 EST) to offer us our very first look at actor Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry, a.k.a. Aquaman!

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There's probably two common reactions going on right now: "badass" or "where's the color?" To the first one, yeah, we agree. Then again, making Momoa look not badass is a pretty tough feat, isn't it? Even if you think it looks cool, try not to let "hype" wash over you. So many fans seem to have their minds made up before a movie is released. So, instead of arguing with your fellow comic book fans about whether this movie will "rule" or "suck," let's try waiting to see the quality of the movie before deciding and mudslinging, yeah? In the meantime, looks like a cool costume and hopefully his role is just as cool, too. As for the lack of color, maybe Snyder is using a filter like he did in some of his previous photos? We know the movie likely won't have a bright, all-ages and lighthearted tone, but you can see even the actor's skin appears to be somewhat grey (50 Shades of Momoa). We're hoping the shade of gold/yellow on his armor will be a little brighter in the final product and we're left wondering what color his pants are. (This is an important question, people!) We're thinking they're a very dark shade of green, possibly with some black or dark blue meshed in. Still, that definitely looks like someone who can command respect and stand up to Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman in a debate or even physical conflict. Oh, there's probably a third reaction: "how'd he get tattoos?"We're talking about a movie in which a dude shoots heat vision from his eyes and a human dresses like a bat and then fights crime. There's a demigod as well. I'm pretty sure they can justify Arthur getting tattoos at some point.

It's easy to immediately think "unite the seven" applies to the seven seas because, well, Aquaman. However, we're thinking it's referring to the seven members of the Justice League. Fingers crossed this means more costume reveals are on the way. We're hoping Cyborg is next. I mean, we already have a cool looking Flash racing around on TV at the moment.

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens March 25, 2016. Aquaman is set for 2018.

Source: Twitter