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Jason Aaron and Chris Sprouse on Secret Wars: THORS

Various Thors from the Marvel Universe come together in this book

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Within the history of Marvel, there's been a lot of different people who have wielded the hammer Mjolnir. Now, in the upcoming Secret Wars: Battleworld, fans will get to see them come together.

Announced on Marvel's website, THORS, written by Jason Aaron with art from Chris Sprouse, is a new series starting in June that brings together many of the various Thors from different universes but in more of a law enforcement type of feel to it.

“This is basically me doing a cop story, but with hammers instead of guns,” says Aaron. “This is me getting to do ‘Homicide: Life on the Street’ with lots of cosmic cops. It’s every version of Thor you can imagine, all walking beats, solving murders, getting yelled at by their commissioner and blowing off steam at their local Thor-cop bar.”

This story will have a major impact on SECRET WARS as well. Aaron considers this book a direct tie-in to the main SECRET WARS story and has a connection to issue #2 of the event.

“In the first issue, our Thors pick up a doozy of a murder case, one that sends them all scrambling,” promises Aaron. “And ultimately has a few of them asking questions that may shake the foundations of everything they think they know... “I take all these hammer wielders to some really weird and scary places. Think ‘True Detective,’ but with Throg the Frog of Thunder playing the Rust Cohle part. Well, not exactly. But you get the idea.”

THORS by Jason Aaron and Chris Sprouse kicks off in June.