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James Robinson Returns to the Comic Vine Podcast

FANTASTIC FOUR #1 is on sale today and this is your chance to submit questions for all of James' books.

If you've been listening to the Comic Vine podcast, you know James Robinson has been a frequent guest. Since his last appearance, he's been busy. Really busy. You've probably read THE SAVIORS over at Image Comics as well as the first couple issues of ALL-NEW INVADERS. This week marks the new FANTASTIC FOUR series written by James with art by Leonard Kirk. He also has another upcoming series at Image, AIRBOY with Greg Hinkle. (You can find out more about that HERE).

To celebrate all of this, James is returning to record a podcast with us.

Yes, even the Fantastic Four are shocked.
Yes, even the Fantastic Four are shocked.

This is your chance to submit questions to James about FANTASTIC FOUR, ALL-NEW INVADERS and THE SAVIORS. You can ask about AIRBOY but since the first issue hasn't been released yet, there'll be plenty of other questions.

This will likely happen every two months or so.

How can you ask James questions?

We will record THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27 around 2 p.m. PST. Be sure to get your questions in before that. Tell your friends. Tell your mom too. James would like that.

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Posted By TheFirstLantern

@g_man for the podcast! ;

Hello Mr. Robinson,

I really enjoy your work and am waiting for the trades for Saviors due to money issues. I was originally unsure about F4 but reading the solicits it seems very very interesting. My question is : "The fall of the fantastic Four" one arc or the overarching story of the book?

Thank you for taking your time to be apart of the podcast

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Posted By RiotSqrrl

@jamesdrobinson Criticism helps writers evolve, but sadly, none comes to mind. However, here's a question: family dynamics often come into play in your stories (the O'Dares in Starman immediately springs to mind). In The Fantastic Four, however, writers for over fifty years have established a certain chemistry between the Richards', Johnny, and the Thing. Was that daunting for you coming on board this book? Can readers expect a vastly different tone with regard to that story element or are you keeping it pretty traditional? How so, if you can elaborate without major spoilers? Thank you for your time, and more, for years of entertaining both myself and my wife.

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Posted By captain_elburn

Hi James,

In regards to All New Invaders, how do you plan on making this different than the other team up books?

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Posted By PunyParker

How was working on Spider-Man,in the Graphic Novel?!

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Edited By mak13131313

First off I want to say hello to Mr. Robinson. I'm reading and enjoying All New Invaders. We have already seen some flashbacks to World War 2, and I'm assuming that we will see more of those. My question is seeing how that time period is such an important part of their past, will there be whole story arcs focusing on that time period seeing how it's such an important part of their past? Thanks!

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Posted By BlueValleyKid

How do you feel about Valiant comics use of the Japanese Rising Flag on Rai? The Japanese Rising is like the flag of the Nazi Party to those in WWII. The Japanese committed "War Crimes" under the flag.

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Posted By Blizaga101


After reading FF I've been really drawn to the characters Scott Lang and Darla Deering. After hearing they will appear in the new fantastic four series I was really happy, but my question is will you develop the relationship between the two that we saw grow during FF.

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Posted By Jonny_Anonymous

The Prodigal Son Returns!


1. You said that a future arc of the Savours will be more Lovecraftian, is there a certain story that influenced or is it just a tone setter?

2. A big part of the Fantastic Four is that the frequently deals high concept sci fi, will you be going this route as well or will it be more superhero style of book?

3. What are your favorite Fantastic Four stories?

4. What are your thoughts on the upcoming FF movie?

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Posted By sora_thekey

Question(s) regarding Fantastic Four:

As the writer for Fantastic Four, what is your opinion on the actors chosen to represent Marvel's first family on Fox's net reboot? (Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jaime Bell)

While we don't know much about the Fantasti Four movie's plot, we know movies tend to affect the stories printed in comics (Coincidentally Batman comes back from the dead right before the movie, Spider-Man fights the Lizard/Electro just as the movie comes out, Magneto gets an ongoing book a few months before DotFP, Nick Fury Jr.), will something like that come into play on your book as we get closer to the movie's release date?

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Edited By EvilPenguin543


How is the process working at Marvel than at DC? What comic book company would you like to work for that you currently don't?

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Posted By Jonny_Anonymous

What the fudge is up with the time travelling comments?

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Posted By deactivated-579fe0ae58107

Huge fan of Starman and that corner of the DC Universe.

Really bummed that James Robinson left DC so abruptly - and even more bummed that the softcover versions of the Starman Omnibus were stopped.

Q: Is Jack Knight done as Starman? Will James Robinson ever get back to Starman and DC in the future?

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Edited By Avenging-X-Bolt

Here's To You, Mr. Robinson!!!! (I'll understand if you hate me for that joke)

I've heard rumors that you were supposed to do a Justice League series that would have run alongside Dwayne Mcduffie's JLA run and that it eventually manifested as Cry For Justice. If these are rumor were true, what kind of plans did you have for that run? What kind of roster did you have in mind, what new additions to the DCU did you intend to introduce? Did you do this during your run on the main title?

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Posted By 2cool4fun
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Posted By bob808


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Posted By MakkyD
  1. Will the F4 ever crossover with All-New Invaders?
  2. Will you continuing much from Hickman's run.
  3. Will there be many (if any) Golden Age characters in your run? I know you love your golden age characters ;)
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Posted By kidchipotle
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Posted By kidchipotle

Hello G-Man, James, and anyone else on paaahdcast.

I have one or two small questions, not sure if it can be answered, but I was a HUGE fan of your Earth2 run and was actually really upset when you two parted ways even though you being at Marvel is totally fine with me. However, my question is -if you're allowed- can you discuss what your plans for Earth2 would have been like had you not left and/or can you shed some light on Earth2 #13? It was the issue where Captain Steel discovered the existence of the Earth2 Red Lantern and said if SHE was awoken the earth would be destroyed. It was a story that has yet to be picked up on in Taylors run (I guess its understandable) that I hope he doesn't forget to develop but I would love to hear anything you could tell us about that story.

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Posted By Rheged

Mr. Robinson, I'm enjoying both of your Marvel books, especially Invaders -- though I'm impatiently awaiting Namor's appearance.

Will both Invaders and FF be shipped monthly or will there be double shipping? I despise double shipping because it makes it impossible for a book to have one artist and thus one visual style, and reduces the role of the artist as co-creator for a series. Both Pugh and Kirk are doing great work on Invaders and FF respectively, and I'd hate to see either book become victim to rotating artists.

That said, this is Marvel, so I'm resigned to art whiplash. Can you tell us who the rotating artists are on both books?

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Posted By Jonny_Anonymous

Any plans for Union Jack to join the Invaders?

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Posted By JamesScott

Hi James

Glad to see you on FF and hope to see you on the title for a number of years to come.

Haven't read issue 1 yet so the question may be redundant but...will we be seeing anything of Alicia Masters in the near future?

Thanks and good luck with all of your current projects (I'm really enjoying Invaders so far!)

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Posted By JakeN7

Will the characterization and dialogue from All New Invaders #2 continue to be presented that way in future issues? Because it seemed different than issue #1 (wasn't a fan of issue #2, first thing I've ever read of yours that wasn't great). Was the tone of the book and the characters meant to be campy (as seen in #2) due to them all being from a bygone era?

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Posted By JakeN7

@avenging_x_bolt: Don't you mean "Here's to you Mrs. Robinson...Jesus loves you more than you could know?" Lol.

Oh Mr. Robinson! Are you married, and if so, did that Beatles song play at your wedding?

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Posted By Avenging-X-Bolt

@jaken7 said:

@avenging_x_bolt: Don't you mean "Here's to you Mrs. Robinson...Jesus loves you more than you could know?" Lol.

Oh Mr. Robinson! Are you married, and if so, did that Beatles song play at your wedding?

i dont think he'd appreciate me calling him Mrs. lol.

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Posted By JakeN7
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Posted By Denmidt

Hello Mr. Robinson,

I haven't read the Fantastic Four in years and decided to pick up the new #1 since I really enjoyed your Earth 2 run. I'm rather intrigued by the first issue of FF and made sure that this is on my pull list at my LCS. My question is what's up with Valeria? Why isn't she with Reed and Sue? Thanks and I can now forgive you for that Justice League run! Just kiddin'!

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Posted By highaccuser

Mr. Robinson

I know you set up a lot of potential characters for Earth 2(red lantern, Henri roi's son, you said You would introduce starman and wildcat), which Tom Taylor is now writing. He seems to have indtoduced a few characters of his own. Do you know if he plans to use these ideas, and if not, how do you feel about that?

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Posted By Rheged

Mr. Robinson,

Can you talk a bit about your preparation for the Invaders book? Obviously, you read Roy Thomas original take, but was there anything else in particular that you absorbed? I'm especially interested in Namor, as disappointingly, so many of his wonderful plotlines have been ignored from his own books (the last solo and mini-series), as well as how his actions have effected him and the Atlanteans from Dark Reign, to joining the X-Men to the events of New Avengers.

Also, can you explain what the heck was going on with Aarkus in Avengers / Invaders? Was he supposed to have been the D'spare who fought Dr. Strange all along? Or was he a new and temporary incarnation?

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Posted By lvenger

Hi Mr Robinson, I'm glad you've made a return to the Comicvine podcast to share your awesome ideas with the staff.

I've really enjoyed your recent Earth 2 work that reimagined the Earth 2 concept in a fresh and entertaining way but I did feel slightly annoyed at your ending, particularly with Brutal revealed as the corrupted Earth 2 Superman. As a die hard Superman fan, I didn't feel Superman wasn't portrayed all that heroically in his 75th anniversary overall. Injustice cast him as a twisted tyrant imposing his will on Earth, Trinity War framed Superman for murder and Man of Steel had a polarising effect on comic book fans to say the least. Thus, my first question is, did you plan for Superman to be the evil herald of Darkseid from the early stages of planning Earth 2 or was this twist ordered by DC executives?

Secondly, with your Fantastic Four run, do you aim to bring a darker and edgy tone to your run that has featured in many superhero titles from the Big Two companies?

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Posted By gmanfromheck

And...that's a wrap. Thanks everyone for your questions here, on Facebook, and emails. This podcast will go live Tuesday, March 4, at 9 p.m. PST. Make sure you're subscribing to the Invincibly Super Massive Comic Book Podcast of Stuff feed if you're subscribing on iTunes.